Student Services

Student services work
Student Services provides a range of supports for students, families, and staff in supporting students' academic, social-emotional, and career development. The mission of our Student Services teams is help students make decisions and choices that will allow for success in high school and beyond.

Proactive, deeply integrated counseling services include individual counseling and group activities focused on the full range of academic, social-emotional, and career development. One focus of the counseling program is to allow students to explore their interests and potential career options and ensure that their courses are aligned with these goals. Each student is assigned a school counselor to assist with individual planning throughout their high school experience. In addition to our school counselors, each school has a specific career and college counselor to provide additional support for students, families, and staff members.

The Student Services team is also home to our nurses, social workers, and school psychologists. These individuals support students' academic success by provide support and services related to students physical and social-emotional well being both proactively and in crisis situations. These roles are also involved with determining eligibility for special education services and, at times, provide support services through an Individualized Education Plan.

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