Registration and student fees

Registration and residency
Prior to completing online registration each year, all Maine 207 families are required to provide proof of residency. The intent in verifying each student’s residency is to ensure compliance with state law and to fulfill the district's obligations to District 207 taxpayers that resources are allocated to educate students who are legitimately entitled to attend our school.

Parents of incoming freshmen and students who are new to District 207 are required to complete and sign the Affirmation of Legal Residency Form and attach the supportive documents requested based on whether you own or rent and return the form and supporting documents by June 1st annually. The documents that need to be submitted with the completed Affirmation of Legal Residency Form are as follows:

  • If you rent your home - You will need the current lease. If you do not have a lease or are renting month to month, please have your landlord complete and notarize the Resident Landlord Verification Form indicating that you live at the property. If the landlord is difficult to reach and/or is out of the country, please realize that the landlord needs to be contacted early in order to allow them to complete the form and meet the June 1st deadline. Additionally, you will need two of the following bills: water, electricity, phone, home insurance, a city sticker.
  • If you own your home - A copy of the most recent Second Installment Property Tax Bill showing the homeowner’s exemption. If the property tax bill is not in your name, the mortgage statement will also need to be submitted. Additionally, you will need two of the following bills: water, electricity, phone, home insurance, a city sticker.
  • If you currently live with another family in Maine Township High School District 207 - Please complete and notarize the Custodial Care Form. The family with whom you live will need to provide either the lease or the Second Installment Property Tax Bill or the mortgage statement if the name is not on the property tax bill. Additionally, you will need one bill with your name and the address where you reside.
  • If you are divorced - Along with the residency documentation outlined about, a copy of the divorce decree demonstrating the parent with whom the child resides.
Following the completion of residency documentation each year, families will complete online registration via InfoSnap. Specific information is sent to families regarding online registration each year.

Student fees
Student fees are assessed annually and paid via the online registration process. Fees for the 2017-2018 school year are listed below.

2017-2018 Fee Schedule
  • Maine North High School
  • Frost Academy