'Outstanding Parents' honored for dedication

Outstanding Parents 2017 Maine East and Maine South
Board honors 'Outstanding Parents' for 2017
Posted on 06/06/2017
Two individuals have been recognized as recipients of Maine Township High School District 207’s seventh annual “Outstanding Parent” honors.  The Board of Education instituted this program in 2011 to honor parents of graduating seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to education and the well-being of the students. Seniors at each of the District’s three schools are invited to submit nominations in the form of essays explaining why their parent or guardian should be considered.

Honored by the Board of Education during its June 5 meeting were Becky Flood, whose daughter Hannah, graduated from Maine East in May, and Vivian Janes, whose daughter Grace recently graduated from Maine South. The “Outstanding Parent” honoree from Maine West was unable to attend Monday’s meeting and will be recognized during the July 10 Board meeting.
In her nomination essay, Hannah cited her mother’s behind-the-scenes support for not only herself but for her friends, too. “One indication of this,” Hannah wrote, “is that she is referred to not only as ‘mom,’ ‘Becky,’ and ‘Mrs. Flood,’ but that she is more affectionately known as ‘Mama Flood’ by the girls on the Maine East cross country team,” for her ongoing role as cheerleader, photographer and provide of snacks. Hannah wrote of her mother’s accompaniment on many field trips and her hosting of practice sessions and meet-ups for the school’s poetry slam team. “She has the gift of hospitality,” Hannah wrote, “and it shines through the way she takes an interest in my teammates and friends.” In addition, Hannah wrote, her mother regularly attends Maine East events - musicals, football games, concerts - in which Hannah is not even directly involved, simply because “she genuinely wants to support other students, and spend time with our family at the events.” She noted that her mom works hard to maintain the closeness that her family enjoys and her mom “knows how to celebrate my accomplishments but simultaneously manages to not let them go to my head.”
In her essay, Grace Janes applied the adjective “heroic” to describe her mother. “She can’t fly, or melt metal with her eyes, or even lift a car if she tried her hardest, but she is the most capable woman I will ever meet….Her commitment to education and well-being of all students is like no other, a superpower, demonstrated through her countless acts of selflessness that make her qualified for any award.” Grace writes of her mother’s volunteer work and of acts of kindness toward classmates that Grace was not even aware of until hearing from those classmates. Grace wrote that after her father died, when she was in fifth grade, her mom made sure that she and her brother had grief counseling and that their school work did not suffer in the following months. “My mom had double duty on schoolwork help, and double duty financially while trying to continue to provide for her kids, working a part-time position as a paid nurse, and full-time volunteer position as a pastoral nurse.” Her mom, Grace wrote, “has fostered an environment where my brother and I desire to do well and have become self-driven, but we both know mom will always be our biggest cheerleader.”
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