Social media post and police response

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Social media post and police response
Posted on 07/10/2017

To update the Maine 207 community on events of July 10, Maine South High School and Maine 207 administrators were notified by Park Ridge Police early Monday morning that police had received and were acting on an anonymous tip involving social media posts depicting a juvenile holding a firearm.

Prior to the start of Monday’s summer school session, Park Ridge police were able to identify and take in for questioning the initially identified juvenile and one additional juvenile. District and South administrators were assured by the Park Ridge police that the situation was contained well before the start of school. As a result, based on the police assessment, school officials were confident that the situation was isolated and that there was no threat to any Maine South student or staff member, and classes were conducted as scheduled. As always, Maine 207 schools adhere to a security protocol that limits access to our buildings and has security personnel on duty when the schools are open.

School administrators appreciate the work of Park Ridge police in this matter and will continue to work with the police department on any ongoing investigation. Maine 207 also appreciates the initiative of a concerned citizen who, once aware of the social media post, alerted law enforcement authorities.

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