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About Dr. Ken Wallace

Superintendent of Maine Township High School District 207

Dr. Ken Wallace is in his 14th year with Maine Township High School District 207, first as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and for the past 10 years as Superintendent. While Dr. Wallace was Assistant Superintendent he led improvements in the District’s technology program that included becoming Google’s first k-12 partner and pioneering 1:1 learning.


In 2015, Maine 207 received an International Digital Content and Curriculum Achievement Award from the Center for Digital Education, and was the District named one of America’s 14 Most Innovative School Systems in April of 2016 by Tech Insider. In 2018 the District was selected as one of 30 US Districts for inclusion in the Successful Practices Network study for Districts that have improved performance despite demographic trends that typically lead to lower achievement.


Dr. Wallace has made teacher leadership and job-embedded professional development a focus. District 207 is perhaps the only U.S. district that includes annual instructional coaching plans for all teachers who work with peer teacher coaches. The District’s class of 2018 is likely the first class of US students to attend high schools in which every teacher every year had an annual instructional coaching plan. One of the District’s four coaching paths includes authentic teacher action research, and the District has developed a research consortium with Northwestern, Illinois ASCD, several other universities and local Districts. The District is opening up an innovative fifth coaching plan in the 2019 school year in partnership with Northwestern and National Louis in which District teachers will coach student teachers through their student teaching experience.


Dr. Wallace was named the 2018 national Association of Career and Technical Education Champion of the year for the District’s innovative work to improve college and career counseling and experiences for every District student. An educator for 33 years, Dr. Wallace was a high school English and journalism teacher for five years and taught computer science for six years. He holds B.S. and M.S. Degrees from the University of Southern Indiana and Ed.S and Ph.D degrees from Indiana State University. 

Latest Message/Announcement from Dr. Wallace

By Dr. Ken Wallace Maine 207 Superintendent At Maine Township High School District 207 we are “ALL IN” on instructional coaching; in fact our class of 2018 seniors was likely the first in American history to have graduated from high schools in which every teacher, every year, had an instructional coaching plan to raise the quality of teaching in each classroom. While our instructional coaching began in 2007 when we discovered that most staff trained in Cooperative Learning hadn’t actually implemented the strategy in their classrooms, we evolved that practice in each building and launched our comprehensive model in the fall of 2014. This video provides a brief overview that includes student and teacher voices. Our model for the first four “all in” years included instructional coaching plans in 1:1 coaching, peer coaching, instructional rounds, as well as our CLEAR (Collaborative Learning Education Action Research) project in action research. We...

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