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College and Career Resources

Here is the completed Career Videos! document if any of the teachers want to pull from it.
Also, here is a tutorial for kids on how to schedule a virtual meeting. You can share with teachers and they can make a copy and customize if they would like. If they want info on calendly to manage appointments, they can reach out to the career coordinators for assistance.
If you want to put in something about the Career Pathways team being available to brainstorm about any activities for their students using pathwayMANAGER, YouScience, JobsEQ, or just in general – please do so if you feel this is the right time for that now or at a later date.
PrepStep: This database contains practice tests for core classes and the ACT, SAT, and AP tests, college and career exploration resources, computer skills classes, and more. Access this resource on your home school Library database page (links above).