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From the DELT

From the DELT 

The following topics were discussed at this month’s DELT meeting

Committee Reports

All the members of the equity team are on a committee that is assigned to a specific project for 

this semester.  Review an update on the status of this work here.


Religious Holidays

A concern arose from a member of the group that if a staff member wanted to take off

from work to observe a religious holiday they were required to use a sick/personal day.  After some research it was identified that this is not the case for certified staff; however, it is the case for non-certified staff.  The District will be working to extend this benefit to all employees of the District.  Click here to reference the language from the bargaining agreement on this topic


Post this for the click here:


Section 2. Religious Holidays.  Each bargaining unit member shall be given up to two (2) work days without loss of pay for leaves on religious holidays other than school holidays.  Only those holidays designated as primary holy days on the Interfaith Calendar of World Religions ( are eligible for religious holiday leave. Requests for any additional religious holiday leaves shall be presented in writing to the principal, with a copy to the Superintendent, a minimum of five (5) work days prior to the leave. The Superintendent or his/her designee shall make the final determination concerning the approval of additional religious holiday leaves.  If approved, the first two (2) work days of religious holiday leave will not be deducted from a bargaining unit member’s accumulated sick leave. Requests for additional leave days for religious holidays will be charged to personal business leave, which are deducted from a bargaining unit member’s accumulated sick leave. 


This did raise the issue of – What can a student expect if they want to observe a

religious holiday?  The Team will be working with the principals to address this issue

and make that accommodation known to students.



A concern was raised about the equitable treatment of individuals based on their vaccination status. If you are choosing not to receive a vaccine at this time, we understand and respect that decision.  It is important for everyone to know that we are not currently requiring staff to receive the vaccine as long as they are attending work as directed by their supervisor.  While it may seem like the District is pushing, this is out of the desire to impact the effects of the Pandemic on our community.  New CDC guidance allows for social distancing of 3 feet for vaccinated staff and unvaccinated students so we are interested in returning to a “normal” school environment as soon as we can.


How do I get involved?   

The building and district equity teams know that many of you want to get involved in our equity work and we believe that it takes all of us to move this work forward. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Attend equity sessions in your building and district when offered in the mornings and be on the look out for materials and activities shared by your building’s equity team.
  • Take advantage of learning opportunities offered in your community (we will start posting some in this newsletter as we become aware of them)
  • Participate in the D207 Read Woke Challenge
  • Take advantage of our district’s summer learning opportunities (to be announced soon!)
  • Sign up for SEED (if you have not already done so)  Registration coming in April
  • Start a conversation with your PLC about how your team can address equity in your curriculum – Does your curriculum represent multiple perspectives and voices?  Does your data illustrate any equity gaps that need addressed?
  • Complete your own 21 day Equity Challenge, here are some options: