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KIND207 Fund

Throughout the nearly 125 year history of District 207, one of the hallmarks has been support provided by students, parents and our community to help in times of need. That was the case in World War II when students helped raise enough money to purchase a C54 Skymaster cargo plane. That was also the case during the recent pandemic when more than $155,000 was raised for District 207 students in need.

The Kids in Need District 207 (KIND207) Fund provides funding that allows the schools to identify and provide students in need with assistance. The reasons could include students who have just arrived in our country, students who have lost everything in a fire or a student who has lost one or more parents.

Donate today online today utilizing a credit card (please note there is a minimum donation of $5 and there is a service fee on all donations)

  • On the initial page, you must choose “Store” under one of the schools listed. However, please know the donation is not made to a specific school. This is just a default for the Online Store.
  • Once you select a school store, select “View” under the KIND207 Fund Donation logo.
  • A window will appear on the left and you must indicate a price (donation amount which must be at least $5) and a recipient (please type in KIND207). Select “Add to Cart.” 
  • At the top right (after the “Success – Added to Cart” message disappears on the screen) there will be a photo of a shopping cart. Select that image and your donation should appear.
  • Select “Add Your Payment” method and select a payment option (there will be a service charge for credit card purchases but not for checking or savings transfers).
  • Complete your information and select “Apply.”
  • Add your email address to receive a receipt and then select the blue “Submit Payment” at the bottom left.

Donations also can be mailed to District 207 at: KIND207 Fund, District 207, Attn: Brett Clark, 1177 S. Dee Road, Park Ridge, IL 60068

Any questions or concerns can be sent to Brett Clark, Director of Communications or by calling 847-692-6158.