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Lesson Examples

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Traditional Lesson E-Learning Format
You planned a slide deck presentation and questions for students to answer in small groups.   Add “voiceover” to your existing slide deck with a link to a Google form at the end.  You can install screencastify on your google extensions This will allow you to run through your google presentation while talking.  Keep in mind that the time limit per video is 5 minutes.  

Provide students with a formative assessment to submit after viewing the video (see assessment tools below)

You planned a review day and formative assessment.   You can create a quizlet with terms and send to students to review flashcards or other tools.  You can also create a quizizz to use as a formative or create a socrative.  

See tutorials for these and other tools in Assessment section below.

You planned to demonstrate a skill for the class and have them complete several practice problems along the way.   You can search for an existing video on YouTube and upload it to EdPuzzle, embedding practice questions along the way.

You can use your phone to record you demonstrating this skill on paper and upload it to YouTube.  You can give students a set of problems to try and include a link to the answer key.  

Find a video and create guided notes to accompany it

Sample E-Learning Lessons

English 1 – Introduction to Research

Latinx Lit – Listening Practice

Latinx Lit – Menu Assignment

Latinx Lit – Video/Audio Station

Latinx – Video/Audio Station

Latinx Lit – Speaking/Listening – E-Learning Assignment #1

Consumer Ed/Independent Living – Renting an Apartment 

Consumer Ed/Independent Living – Car Loans

Personality and Relationships Video Activity (google classroom)

Sample Lesson 48 min: ATP Choice Board

Sample Lesson Block Day: Energy in the Ecosystem Playlist/HyperDoc

Example of an E-Learning Weekly Plan

Tina Sabatello’s You Tube Channel 

E-Learning: A Week at a Glance

Orchestra E-Learning Weekly Lessons

World Cultures choice board

Tic Tac Toe Choice board

E-Learning Playlist Example

E-Learning Bingo

E-Learning Career Connection Lesson Example

Virtual Circle Template