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April 2, 2020
Communication with Students and Families

One of our major goals is to be sure our teachers, counselors and other educators are able to check in with students. We care deeply about your education but we care even more about how you are doing with navigating the changes that have occurred that are disrupting all of our daily lives.

With that in mind, students please, please, please check your email on a regular basis (at least twice daily). We know for some students, email is not a priority. However, email is the best way we can get information to you on a regular basis. Parents, please help us by reminding your students how important it is to check email, especially now.

We are also working on several ways we can connect with students and families beyond email that is more personal but also protects the personal phone numbers of our teachers and staff. Staff may utilize a system we have set up where they are calling from their personal phone but it will show on caller id as the school. Additionally, Those some teachers and staff may utilize the *67 feature which hides caller ID. Unfortunately, these calls might look like spam to students and parents. However, please answer them. Teachers and staff have been reminded to identify themselves at the start of the call including the school name and their class/role at the school. This will help parents and students know for sure with whom they are talking.

Teachers and staff may set up Google Hangouts Meet to connect through a conference call or group meetings. Students will be invited to those opportunities through email and those meetings will be set for specific dates and times.

As always, our website at is the most reliable source of current information as well as archived information that you may have missed.

We sincerely wish we could see our students on a regular basis. That was something we took for granted just a few short weeks ago. However, as difficult as it might seem, we strongly support the social distancing and the “stay at home” order enacted recently by the governor of Illinois. These are key strategies to help ensure all of us stay healthy and we don’t overwhelm the hospitals.