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March 17, 2019
Counselor Listing

If you have a non-urgent concern or question, the counselors for each school are listed below or you can contact the school directly and they will provide assistance.

Maine East

Amy Allen [email protected]

Mark Hankins [email protected]

Alen Ibrahimovic [email protected]

Mieka Yochim [email protected]

Angie Edsey [email protected]

Nicole Rinaldi [email protected]

Suzanne Caliendo [email protected]

Maine South

Erin Sanchez [email protected] Trisha Conlon [email protected] Meghan Wood [email protected]
Tim Spiegel [email protected] Cris Villalobos [email protected] William Milano [email protected]
Robert Tortorelli [email protected] Stephanie Maksymiu [email protected] Diane Spillman [email protected]
Maine West
Gilit Abraham   [email protected]
Allyson Adams  [email protected]
Carla Bader  [email protected]
Shamoon Ebrahimi  [email protected]
Rosanna Giricz [email protected]
Eliades Hernandez [email protected]
Elizabeth Hoover [email protected]
Alain Roy  [email protected]