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May 19, 2022
Maine Scholars Named

There were 16 students named Maine Scholars from Maine East, Maine South and Maine West who were recently honored for having a grade-point average among the top 1% in their graduating class. The honoring of these students as Maine Scholars began in the 1970-71 school year.

maine east scholarsMaine East High School Maine Scholars: Viraj Bodiwala, Rebecca Hurwitz, Olivia Medina, James Righi and Fariha Siyadath. 

maine south scholars

Maine South High School Maine Scholars: Aidan Collins, Connor Collins, Colleen Jawgiel, Aiden Lefler, Thomas Locascio and Jake Snyder.

maine west scholars

Maine West High School Maine Scholars: Pratiksha Bhattacharyya, Nitya Nair, Marc Rizkalla, Joseph Thalackan and Ryan Weiler.