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February 14, 2020
Maine West to Perform “Shrek The Musical”

Students at Maine West High School will perform “Shrek The Musical” with a wide variety of ensemble musical numbers, several choreographed dance sequences and a five-person team to bring a dragon to life as part of the show.

Tickets are currently available on the school website at and range in cost from $7-$10. There will be four performances at 7 p.m. including Feb. 21, Feb. 22, Feb. 28 and Feb. 29. The students have been rehearsing since December.

The musical is set in a mythical “once upon a time” land and tells the story of a large green ogre named Shrek. As he works to keep the peace in his homeland, he goes on quest where he learns about himself and others.

Denis Dizdarvic, who plays Shrek, shares that the show is much different than the animated movie as it has a deeper message that will resonate with the audience. “There is a lot of undercover humor that I think the audience will love,” he says. “The play brings every emotion –  laughter, love, joy sadness.” This is the first time he has been in a play at Maine West, let alone the lead.

Belle Gerstmayr, who plays Pinocchio, says the show creates a lot of fun interaction between many characters. “The musical brings the characters to life through music and dialogue that the audience will truly enjoy. It is a really great show for adults and young kids.”

The play is directed by David Harmon who can be reached at [email protected] for more information or to set up media access for an advance story.