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April 3, 2020
Notice Regarding Use of Audio/Visual Learning

District 207 “District” is providing this notice regarding the use of audio/video learning that District 207 is currently offering for remote learning. The District may use live and recorded audio/video conferences with teachers and other educational personnel in order to deliver educational services that will continue providing both instruction and related services from its teaching and professional staff. Your student will be able to participate in any such conferences offered by the District for the duration of this remote learning period.  

These services will be provided by utilizing Google Meet, Zoom for Education and other video conferencing platforms. These programs have been designed for educational use and include security features to prevent unauthorized users from accessing student data and information. Although the instructional content delivered via this platform will be largely consistent with what is provided in the school setting, we understand the context is different given both the method of delivery of and having the service delivered in the home setting. Please be mindful of the fact that in some platforms, students will be able to see teachers, and teachers will be able to see students, and plan accordingly.  Also, as with all on-line platforms, there is always the possibility of a security breach. Please follow all the directions provided for use of programs which will minimize this risk.

Also, as a reminder during our remote learning days, school policy regarding sharing of student information remains in place. When students are present in the school buildings and receiving classroom instruction, audio and video recordings and photography by parents or other visitors to the school are not allowed without the advance permission of the teacher and the written consent of the parents/guardians of the students who will be photographed.  This same standard applies to our remote learning instruction. Students and parents/guardians should refrain from making audio and/or video recordings of remote learning instruction, or taking photographs of students participating in such instruction, without express permission of the teacher delivering the instruction or a school administrator. If you receive such recordings or photographs from a source other than the District, please delete them and do not post or forward. 

If for any reason you are not comfortable with (instruction/related service) through video conferencing, please contact Dr. Linda Rutschke at Maine East; George Dagres at Maine South; or Dave Matkovic at Maine West to discuss alternative means to provide instruction/related service.