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November 7, 2018
Thank You District 207 Community

Dear Community Members,

I want to update you on an important topic to the District’s future. For the first time in more than 45 years, we asked taxpayers to allow borrowing to update our schools. Last night the District 207 voters passed the $195 million dollar bond referendum. As was shared, the district will spend approximately $46 million dollars of reserves in addition for the proposed projects.

According to the preliminary reports from all precincts last night, the question was approved by voters with 27,671 (60.96%) yes votes and 17,718 (39.04%) no votes. A simple majority was needed for approval.

I want to sincerely thank the District 207 taxpayers for their support to update our aging schools and improve the safety and security of our schools for students and staff. As someone who loves the history of District 207, last night’s action from our communities continues a history of aspirational support for the essential work that we do to serve students. Our Board continued that legacy through its leadership in posing the question to our taxpayers.

I know this referendum also was about the incredible quality of work that our staff does every single day to serve our students. A common theme from current parents, past parents and even future parents throughout this process was the appreciation and confidence in our staff to provide a world class education in one of America’s most innovative districts.

Now work begins to create learning spaces that are safer, more accessible and attuned to modern learning and service to students. The district looks forward to continuing our commitment to transparent communication with the community and parents about all aspects of the referendum work including designs, timelines for construction and upgrades, borrowing and spending.

Thank you all very much.


Ken Wallace, Superintendent