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Options for Chromebook Insurance

Each Chromebook comes with a limited factory warranty. It covers the cost of repair for manufacturer defects, but cracked screens and damages due to accidents or abuse can incur repair costs up to the cost of the device. Lost or stolen Chromebooks increase that cost, and the amount varies depending on the device model that is lost or stolen, which in most cases is approximately $275-$300.

Some of the items can be repaired, for the cost of materials, at school. The cost of each part can be found here. (Please click the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet in order to select the correct Chromebook model.)

One of the options that families may consider when purchasing their Chromebook is third party insurance, which often covers breakage, theft, or loss. Maine 207 schools do not offer an insurance policy, and purchasing insurance is optional. However, it is recommended that you contact your insurance company and/or other third party insurers to inquire about the policies they offer. Additionally, there are cost effective insurance companies that works with many school districts, including some in the Chicago area.

Worth Avenue Group offers insurance coverage to Maine 207 families that is specific to the Chromebooks in-use. Families can learn directly about Worth Avenue Group, its coverage, and it’s prices on the company’s website.

*Maine 207 receives no payments or incentives for recommending any third party insurance companies separate from Maine 207 schools.