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Academic Supports

At Maine Township D207 our mission is to improve learning.  That means we strive to help your child achieve to their fullest individual potential and at some point, that may mean they might need extra support.  Our academic support systems are created to allow every student to meet high expectations, with the goal of increasing academic performance for all students through personalized help from faculty, staff and parents. This support is intended to be personal, responsive to the individual student’s specific needs, and timely.  Maine Township D207 follows a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) model address both academic and behavioral needs. While each of our buildings offers specific supports which can be accessed through a student’s individual counselor, there are some important universal supports that all students can access at his or her home school.  Below is a short list, but if your child is struggling academically, please reach out to a counselor in the Student Services Office of your child’s school.

Tiers of Support

Tier 1: Classroom-Based or Universal Supports

Tier 1 is the foundation of good teaching for all students and is aimed at achieving both equity and excellence for all students. That foundation of good teaching is based on the belief that every student can succeed academically, given the right amount of time and support.

Tier 2: Targeted, Programmatic, or Small-Group Academic Interventions

If Tier 1 supports are not sufficient to meet the needs of a student, then a Tier 2 intervention is considered. Targeted interventions in Tier 2 often – though not always – occur in small group settings that offer support which supplements support already provided in the classroom.

Tier 3: Intensive Individual Academic Interventions

If Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions and supports do not sufficiently further academic success, individual plans may be created that are particular to the individual student’s needs. Students identified as requiring Tier 3 interventions are referred to the Director of Special Education or the Assistant Principal for Student Services by the Student Support Teams in each building.

Teacher Support – Often the best source of academic support is going directly to the teacher.  Our staff is available each morning from 7:30 am to 8:00 am before the school day begins (at 8:05 am) offering group and/or individual support.  Teachers often will set up times during the day or after school, when individual schedules allow, to support students as well. Please make the classroom teacher the first point of contact if your child next extra support in a subject area.

Academic Support Center – Each of our schools has an academic support center that students can access throughout the day.  The majority of our students have a minimum of 20-minutes within their school day on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays and 90-minutes on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to access extra support in the school’s Academic Support Center.  Please inquire with your child’s counselor on how to access the Academic Support Center in your child’s school.

Math Lab – Each of our school’s math teachers staff a Math Lab throughout the day.  This drop-in Lab is available most periods of the day. Please inquire with your child’s math teacher about the Math Lab in your school.

Guided Study – This support is offered in each building for students who are found to struggle in multiple academic areas.  This is a period scheduled into the student’s day where they can receive guided academic support and develop executive functioning skills guided by a teaching assistant.

COACH – The COACH Program is a peer tutoring program offered at Maine East and Maine West.  Please inquire with your child’s counselor on how to access peer tutoring in each of our buildings.

Never hesitate to seek supports from your child’s school.  It is our duty to help each student and family and connect them to supports both in and outside of our schools.

Be sure to visit the Student Services webpage of your child’s school for more information:

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