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Facilities Management

Our Facilities
Maine Township High School District 207 features three comprehensive high school buildings that are resources for our students and community.

Maine East was opened in 1930 and is unusual among high schools in suburban Chicago for its design and time of service. Throughout its history, Maine East has been the home of innovation, from including one of the early school swimming pools in suburban Chicago to a 1700-seat auditorium that has been the setting for many triumphant presentations from the school’s Fine Arts Department. 

Maine West was the second building opened in 1959. Similar to the shape of a spider, it features a design with a center core featuring the auditorium upstairs and cafeteria downstairs. Extending out from that round middle are a number of wings, which house classrooms and recently modernized fitness facilities.

Maine South opened in 1964. The majority of the classrooms are in the three-story A-wing at the southern end of the school while the northern end of the school houses the cafeteria, fitness facilities, and the auditorium.

Facilities rentals are coordinated through the office of each school’s Assistant Principal for Students.

Facilities Management Team
Mary Kalou, Assistant Superintendent for Business / CSBO

Dave Ulm, Maine 207 Director of Facilities

Dave Sanders, Maine East Director of Building & Grounds

Jeff Johnson, Maine West Director of Building & Grounds

Bob Braico, Maine South Director of Building & Grounds