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Career Advisement Tools

D207 Five Year Plan


District 207 has a suite of tools designed to provide individualized career advisement to

assist in “Getting it Right” for every student.


  • SchooLinks (SL) is a tool to house course offerings, individual career plans, occupational information, career exploration, and experience opportunities.
  • Students can enter information into SL individually, during group Advisory meetings, or with their counselor or career coordinator member.
  • On 3/16/22, parent and guardians were emailed instructions on how to view his/her/their student’s SchooLinks account. Please contact Student and Family Services if you are unable to find this email.
  • Staff use SL to send students invitations to career treks, career panel presentations, and school career-related events such as job fair dates or college rep visits.


YouScience information

  • Interest and aptitude assessments are completed with the staff member who requested a student complete the YouScience assessments.
  • Learn about what information is in a YouScience Report

YouScience Login

  • Students who have completed the battery of assessments and would like to review their results can login at any time.
  • Schedule an appointment with your building career coordinator if you are not sure about your career path and would like help! You may take the YouScience assessments as your first step.


  • Students can research post-secondary options including certificate programs, associate’s degrees through community colleges, trade school program, and traditional four-year colleges.


  • JobsEQ is used by school administrators, department chairs, career coordinators, career & college admissions specialists, and counselors.
  • JobsEQ is a tool we use to learn about labor market information about high-growth, high-demand occupations in our community, the Illinois/Wisconsin/Indiana region, and across the US.
  • Information from JobsEQ along with what we learn from local employers helps D207 make better decisions about how to incorporate authentic learning experiences into our classes, what skills we should teach our students to help them be successful in any training and education program and employment after graduating.
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