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Attendance Boundary Map

In order to attend Maine Township High School District 207 schools, students must live within the district boundaries. The three high schools serve students from Park Ridge, nearly all of Des Plaines, and parts of Glenview, Harwood Heights, Morton Grove, Niles, Norridge, Norwood Park Township and Rosemont. Those students graduate from K-8 public school districts including River Trails District 26, Des Plaines School District 62, East Maine School District 63, Park Ridge-Niles District 64 and Pennoyer District 79, as well as several private and parochial schools in the area. 

One of the best ways to determine if your residence or the property you are considering purchasing is in the district boundaries is to view the tax bill for the property. If District 207 is listed on the tax bill it is located in the district boundaries. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this map that shows the district boundaries and the school boundaries. Contact the school or district office if you have any questions or to verify results.

The map below shows the district and school boundaries. The light blue area is the Maine West attendance area. The dark blue area is the Maine East attendance area. The red area is the Maine South attendance area. The green area is an optional attendance area for Maine West and Maine East. The purple area is an optional attendance area for Maine East and Maine South. A version of the map that is searchable by address may be found here. Please note the best way to utilize the search function is after clicking the link, choose the magnifying glass and start typing in the address. When you see the address under the “Move map to” section, choose the address and it will appear on the attendance map.