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Technology & Information Services

Maine Township High School District 207 has long been a leader in the use of technology among schools, most notably as Google’s first-ever K-12 partner with Google Apps for Education, now called G Suite. An understanding of the broad use of information and technology around the world in the 21st Century requires that schools look different than they once did. Memorizing facts and providing formulaic solutions to teachers are not the type of innovative skills that students need to prepare for their futures. Rather, they must be creative, critical thinkers who can find and evaluate information and use that to solve complex problems.

Technology in Maine 207 is designed to support authentic and problem-based learning opportunities for students while also ensuring that staff members and the community at-large benefit from innovative and efficient solutions.

G Suite
Maine 207 students and staff members have access to the full range of G Suite tools, on their Chromebooks and across devices. Maine 207 students and staff can access G Suite by logging into Gmail, Google Classroom, or Google Drive with their Maine 207 account.

Students and staff members in Maine 207 are provided with Chromebooks. While a number of different models are currently in use, and new models are being explored all the time, Chromebooks offer a fast, secure, economical, and reliable way to get work done. Read more about Maine 207’s 1:1 Chromebook program for students.

Help Requests
When students or staff members identify that something is not working right, either with their Chromebook or another device, the network, or an online service, a help request should be filed. Alternatively, students and staff members are invited to visit the ChromeDepot at each school for assistance and support.

Password resets can be done by users after enrolling in Password Self Service system. Log in with your Active Directory username (the part before “” or “” in your email address) and your password. Click on the Setup Security Questions link to setup your account for password resets. You can also change your password from this site by clicking on the Change Password link. This password is used to log into school computers, Chromebooks, G Suite, Infinite Campus, and several other systems.

Looking for Portal support? Check out our troubleshooting tips or fill out a Portal help request found on the Infinite Campus Support page.

Each Maine 207 School operates a ChromeDepot, a school-centered hub for technology related support, including Chromebook support, assistance with Google Apps and address calculator issues. The staff, which consists of members from the Technology Department and student volunteers, also assists with Chromebook loaners and Chromebook Repairs.

Technology Purchasing
Technology purchases are typically more complex than one might imagine, particularly given everything from Maine 207’s secure enterprise-class network to concerns related to data security related to student and staff information. As a result, the tech purchasing process should always begin by completing the Maine 207 Technology Purchasing Form in Eduphoria. This form covers everything from devices to software to online subscriptions, and purchases should not be made prior to the completion of the approval process. Typically, the actual purchase will be made by District Technology staff, who will also ensure correct set-up prior to the device, software, or service being put in use by students or staff.

Acceptable Use Policy
All staff, students, and guests must agree to abide by the Maine 207 Technology Acceptable Use Policy and all applicable laws while using Maine 207 Technology resources.

Access to Employee Technology Resources