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Proof of Residency

Consistent with Board Policy 7:60, Residency, only students who are residents of the School District are permitted to enroll in and attend the School District on a tuition-free basis, except as otherwise provided by Illinois law. Generally, Illinois law provides that the residence of a student is deemed to be the same as the residence of the person who has legal custody of the student (or, for students eligible for special education services, the person who has legal guardianship of the student), who must reside in the School District if the student is to be permitted to enroll and attend on a tuition-free basis. When considering whether a student is a resident of the School District for purposes of enrollment, the District may consider whether the individual exercising legal custody and/or guardianship and attempting to enroll the student: (1) currently resides in/maintains a physical presence in a residence within the District’s boundaries; and (2) intends to remain in a residence in the District’s boundaries.

Under Illinois law, it is a crime, punishable by imprisonment and fine, to knowingly or willfully present any false information regarding the residency of a student for purposes of enabling that student to attend District schools on a tuition-free basis or to attempt to enroll a student on a tuition-free basis when the student is known to be a non-resident of the District. The District may seek prosecution to the full extent of the law and may institute civil proceedings against any individual believed to have committed a residency-related crime.

If you have any questions regarding residency, please contact the Associate Principal for Student & Family Services.

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