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Remote Learning Days (Weather or Other Emergency)

Occasionally inclement weather or other emergencies may cause District 207 to call a “Remote Learning Day” or “eLearning Day” for students and staff. While in the past parents and students were accustomed to “snow days,” District 207 no longer has a need to cancel school due to weather. Instead, in the event of severe weather or other emergencies, the district will move to a fully remote format in order to keep students on pace with their learning.

When making the decision to hold a remote learning day, administrators carefully consider the safety of students and staff. There are many factors that impact a decision to hold a remote learning day or close school for weather, including, but not limited to, the ability of our students and staff members to get to and from school safely, and the current and forecasted weather.

In the event of a Remote Learning Day, information will be shared on the front page of the district and school websites. Additionally, parents can expect to receive an automated phone call, e-mail and text message if they have opted in for that service. That information is typically shared by 6 a.m. or earlier. With regard to afterschool activities and athletic event decisions, in some cases those decisions are made at the same time as the decision to hold a remote learning day and in other cases those decisions are made later in the day. 

Please note that if school is being held as usual (in person learning), no announcement will be made.

District 207 understands that students may find it difficult to log-on to classes due to other family commitments caused when children are not physically attending school; therefore, Remote Learning Days are designed to be flexible to enable students to meet the expectations for the day.

  • Teachers will check in with students using Google Meet for the first 10 minutes of each class period in order to take attendance and communicate the assignment/expectations for the day. There is no expectation that a class will meet synchronously for the entire class period; however, if a teacher chooses to do so, they will follow the daily schedule in order to ensure that students and teachers have available time set aside just for them.
  • Teachers will be available to students via email, or when mutually agreed to, via Google Meet, between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm for the normal business of school including student support from the end of classes until to 3:30 pm.
  • For a Remote Learning Day, the normal rotation of odd/even periods days will be maintained (i.e. if the Remote Learning Day falls on an odd day, the next school attendance day, whether in-person or remote, will be an even day).
  • If the Remote Learning Day falls on a Wednesday, there will be no Advisory that day.
  • After school activities (athletics, fine arts, etc.) will be determined and communicated at the earliest opportunity possible.
  • Additional information about remote learning days is available.

Emergency Day Bell Schedule

(If the Emergency Day falls on Wednesday there will be NO Advisory schedule)

When making the decision to hold a Remote Learning Day for any reason, administrators carefully consider the safety of students and staff. There are many factors that impact a decision, including, but not limited to, the ability of our students and staff members to get to and from school safely, the current weather conditions and forecasted weather.

School administrators understand that individual views on holding a Remote Learning Day vary and that not everyone will always agree with district decisions. However, decisions are always made with student safety as our top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will District 207 use an eLearning day? 

The district may use an eLearning day when school is closed due to inclement weather or in the event other circumstances cause all or some of our schools to be closed.  District 207 builds 5 emergency days into the calendar.  eLearning days will be used to prevent using emergency days and extending the school year beyond the posted end date and ensure the state-mandated minimum number of school days (176).

How will students and parents be notified if an eLearning day will be used? 

Parents and students will be notified just as they have been informed in the past of emergency school closings. The announcement will be made via phone and email through our school messaging system and posted to the website and other social media platforms.

What will it look like for students? 

Student work on this day should be independent. If a student is expressing difficulty, they should contact their teacher for assistance via email. Flexibility will be provided for assignment due dates when appropriate. Total work for the eLearning day should take no longer than five hours for completion as mandated by the state. 

What happens if my child needs assistance? 

Teachers, counselors, and case managers will be available to students through their school email. 

When will eLearning day assignments be posted? 

Assignments will be sent via email and/or posted by 9 a.m. on the eLearning day and are due no later than two days from the date of the eLearning day.  Consideration will be given to students that need additional time to complete assignments due to unforeseen circumstances. 

What if we don’t have Internet access at our home? 

District 207 can provide families with WiFi hotspots.  If you are in need of a hotspot please contact your child’s counselor who can provide you with information and request documents.  If this is not an option for your family, students will not be penalized if they do not have internet service, but they will be responsible for completing the work within a reasonable amount of time when they return to school. They may also be provided with alternate activities prior to the eLearning day to be completed on that day if they contact their teachers in advance. 

What do I do if I have technology-related questions during an eLearning day? 

If a student is having technology-related issues, please submit a help request through the ChromeDepot in the building your child attends:

How will attendance be taken? 

Attendance will be taken as students log-in to their class’ Google Meet session or based on the completion of the assignment for each class period.  Students have two days from the date the assignment is posted to complete the assignment.  If your child is ill on the eLearning day, you should call the attendance line and report the absence in the same way you would on a regularly scheduled school day.

How will the eLearning day impact after-school activities? 

A decision on after-school activities will be made prior to 1 p.m.  

Do eLearning days have to be made up at the end of the school year? The state has determined that eLearning days do not extend the school year, so no emergency days will be used at the end of the year due to eLearning days. The school year would only be extended in the rare case that it was necessary to do so to meet the minimum number of student attendance days required by law (176).