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Extended School Year (ESY) is defined as special education and related services that are provided to a child with a disability beyond the normal school year of the public agency in accordance with the child’s IEP and at no cost to the parents of the child (ISBE 2005).  The purpose of ESY is to help students maintain current skill levels and to continue working toward individual IEP goals. 

ESY 2019
Location: Maine East High School
Time: 8:00AM – 1:00PM
Dates: June 10 – July 18
Minutes: Based on the student’s IEP, Maine Township HSD 207s ESY program operates for 6 weeks offering 600 to 1200 min./week including related services.
Breakdown of the 2019 ESY summer school dates for 2019:
Weeks 1,2,3 — June 10th-13th; 17th-20th; 24th-27th
Weeks 4,5,6 — July 1st-3rd, 5th; 8th-11th; 15th-18th