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District 207 does not provide transportation for students, however, PACE Suburban Bus Service provides bus routes to the schools during the school year.

The school transportation guides linked below were developed for the 2022-23 school year by PACE.

2022-2023 Maine East Transit Guide and Map

2022-2023 Maine South School Guide and Map

2022-2023 Maine West Transit Guide and Map

The main school route each day will drop students off at school approximately 15 minutes before the start of school in most cases. Additionally, the main school route will leave school approximately 15 minutes after school ends.

PACE bus also provides several early routes each morning for students who need to get to school early. There are also additional routes in the afternoon for students who need to stay after school for athletic practice, extracurricular activities or meetings with teachers.

Please note that on half days for students, PACE buses will run the normal routes in the morning. Buses will pick up students after school and run the afternoon routes at that time.


The easiest way for students to utilize Pace Suburban Bus Service is by purchasing a Ventra card which costs $2. The Ventra card can be purchased, and money can be loaded on the card, in each school’s bookstore. The bookstores accept cash, MasterCard, Visa or checks. It is recommended that students and parents also download the Ventra app to their phone in the event the card is lost or stolen. This will expedite being able to cancel the card and transfer the balance to a new card. Students are provided a discounted rate for fares with the Ventra card.