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Pace Suburban Bus Service announced that it is not running school routes for the 2020-21 school year. There are, however, a few routes that pass by or close to our schools and they are listed below. There may also be ways to catch these routes through transfers.

Maine East

Route 240 – Operates Golf Mill to Cumberland CTA

Route 250

Route 270 – Transfer to 240 at Golf Mill; Transfer to 250 at Dempster Street

Maine South

Route 240 – Operates Golf Mill to Cumberland CTA; for the southbound trips, students should exit the bus at Talcott and Dee – the bus will NOT stop in front of the school.

Route 226 – Operates from Jeff Park to Oakton/Elmhurst transfer to 240 at Dee Road

Route 290 – Operates through Uptown Park Ridge so students can transfer to Route 240 at Cumberland CTA or Devon and Cumberland

Maine West

Route 221

Route 223

Route 226 – Routes through downtown Des Plaines via Busse Highway to Miner using Graceland/Lee to return to Oakton

Route 230 – Transfer to 226 at Oakton/Lee

Route 250 – Travels through downtown Des Plaines and uses Graceland/Lee to travel to Oakton Street. Students will need to walk to Maine West from Oakton and Lee.


Students may ride to and from any Maine Township High School District 207 school utilizing Pace Suburban Bus Service. The easiest way to ride is by purchasing a Ventra card which costs $2. The Ventra card can be purchased, and money can be loaded on the card, in each school’s bookstore. The bookstores accept cash, MasterCard, Visa or checks. It is recommended that students and parents also download the Ventra app to their phone in the event the card is lost or stolen. This will expide being able to cancel the card and transfer the balance to a new card. Students are provided a discounted rate for fares with the Ventra card.