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Business Office

Business Office Overview

The Maine 207 Business Office is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the District’s budget.  This includes accounting, facilities, payroll, purchasing, student activities, and strategic fiscal management.  

Sound and steady financial management in this office has yielded the highest possible bond rating for Maine Township High School District 207, as Moody’s Investors Service has issued a Aaa rating for the District and lauded, in Moody’s words, “strong financial management practices and conservative budgeting.”   

Mary Kalou, Assistant Superintendent / Business / CSBO

David Ulm, Director of Facilities
Phone: 847.692.8029
Fax: 847.696.3254

Patricia Alvarez, Director of Fiscal Services
Phone: 847-692-8022


Accounts Payable / Staff P-Cards
Iliana Garcia

Student Activities / Staff P-Cards
Kristyn Talarico
Phone: 847.692.8030

Accounting Clerk/Administrative Assistant
Sheila Wechter
Phone: 847.692.8085
Fax: 847.696.3254

Laura Boldt, Payroll Specialist

Karen Georgalas, Payroll Specialist

Payroll fax: 847.292.6374