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Board Meetings

When and Where

The Maine Township High School District 207 Board of Education typically meets at 6 PM on the first Monday of each month, with occasional exceptions for conflicts with holidays, such as New Year’s Day or Labor Day, in which case a meeting may be scheduled either on the first Tuesday or second Monday of the month. The schedule can be found here:

Meetings are conducted at the District Administrative Offices, 1177 South Dee Road, in Park Ridge.

The calendar of meetings for the 2024-25 school year includes:

July 15, 2024 (special board meeting)

Aug. 5, 2024

Sept. 3, 2024

Oct. 7, 2024

Nov. 4, 2024

Dec. 2, 2024

Jan. 6, 2024

Feb. 3, 2025

March 3, 2025

April 7, 2025

May 5, 2025

June 2, 2025 (tentative)

If you need special accommodations to attend a Board of Education meeting, please contact Maine Township High School District 207 in advance with as much notice as possible in order to allow us to meet your needs.

Meeting Structure

Board of Education meetings are essentially business meetings and are conducted as such. Each meeting opens with the Pledge of Allegiance, recognition of students earning special honors, and a communications segment that includes updates from the Superintendent and Board members, along with an opportunity for public comments. 

Board members then address all agenda items, taking public votes on matters requiring public action. Typically, the board then votes to adjourn from public session and goes into closed or executive session.

Minutes, Agendas and Live Meeting Links

Board of Education meeting agendas are posted prior to the meeting and the minutes are posted following the meeting. Board meetings are typically recorded and posted here.

Archives of previous year’s meeting agendas, minutes and videos are available. 

Closed Session

The Board is permitted by the Illinois Open Meetings Act to consider certain matters in closed session: collective negotiations, the acquisition or sale of real property; pending court proceedings; appointment, employment, or dismissal of an employee or testimony on a complaint against an employee; a student disciplinary case; information relating to individual students in special education programs; the appointment of a member to fill a vacancy on the Board; sessions with an advisory committee to provide professional consultation about matters of professional ethics or performance. Formal action on these and all other matters must be taken in public session. Upon conclusion of any closed session, the Board reconvenes in open session and votes on any action related to closed session discussions.

Public Comments

In the interest of open communications, Maine Township High School District 207 provides an opportunity for the public to address the Board of Education twice during each meeting. That opportunity is provided at the beginning and near the end of each regular Board meeting during the public comment portion of the agenda.

Since the board meeting is designed to allow the Board to conduct the business of the school, members of the public will be recognized only during the public comment portions of the regular meeting. These occur at the beginning of the meeting and at the end of the meeting. Anyone indicating a desire to address the Board must complete a comment card. That card should be given to Director of Communications Brett Clark or another administrator at the meeting. When called upon to speak, those who want to address the Board will please state their name, address and topic.

All remarks shall be addressed to the Board as a whole, not to any specific member(s) or to any person who is not a member of the Board. All comments will be limited to three (3) minutes.

During public comments, the Board and administration listen to comments, but will not respond to questions. If questions are posed, an administrator will follow up with the individual if they include either their phone number or email address as part of signing up to speak to the Board.


Video Recording

The open session segments of Board meetings are typically recorded and posted on the District website within 48 hours after the meeting.