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Enrollment Information

Incoming 9th Grade Enrollment

For parents/guardians of incoming 9th grade students, enrollment occurs in late fall through a link sent to parents. Completing enrollment for incoming 9th grade students before Jan. 1 is important for a number of reasons:

  • District 207 will be able to communicate relevant information including important dates, course selection, and counselor meetings to families that have completed enrollment.
  • Only enrolled students can set up a course selection meeting with a high school counselor.

Other key information related to enrollment:

  • Enrollment does not require a login or email address.
  • Enrollment requires key information to be submitted – please have your information easily accessible as you start the process.
  • During enrollment you will receive an important application number when you start this process, it is important to write this number down and keep it for future reference.

Incoming students who complete enrollment also will still need to register their student in the spring.

If you need assistance with enrollment, you can email [email protected] or text 847.220.4202. 

Any questions about enrollment can be addressed by the Student Service Office Contact listed below.

New Student Registration

All students in District 207 are required to be enrolled. Following enrollment, registration and proof of residency will need to be completed as well.

For parents/guardians of new students to the school district, please contact your child’s school for assistance with enrollment, registration and proof of residency.

Student Service Office Contacts

Maine East Student Services:
Laura Tortorello
[email protected]

Cynthia Fuerte
[email protected]

Maine South Student Services:
Noreen King
[email protected]

Kyleen Coia
[email protected]


Maine West Student Services:

Barbara Perkins
[email protected]

Cristina Ramirez
[email protected]