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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use of District’s Electronic Networks

The guidelines listed below and within the district’s Access to Electronic Networks Policy (Board Policy 6:235) must be followed at all times.

Using any technology (including Chromebooks) provided by Maine Township High School District 207 shall always be in keeping with the district’s goal of educational excellence and student achievement.


  • I will keep my password confidential.
  • I will make sure that I bring my fully charged Chromebook to school every day.
  • I will take care of my Chromebook just as I would for any electronic device that I own.
  • I will always store my Chromebook in a secure or locked environment when not using it.
  • I will only access websites that are appropriate and student-safe. (As a reminder, the district technology staff are able to view the records of all websites and applications I am using or accessing.)
  • I will make sure that all district barcodes and identification stickers remain on my Chromebook and I will inform the ChromeDepot if I notice that a district sticker is falling off or has fallen off.
  • I will only use the Chromebook issued to me, and not another student’s Chromebook, unless my teacher or another staff member directs me otherwise.
  • I will not use another student’s login to access my Chromebook, or try to “hack” another student’s Chromebook or account.
  • I will not let other students log on to my Chromebook.
  • I will report the loss or theft of my Chromebook immediately, to one of my teachers or the Chrome Depot.
  • I will make sure that food or liquids aren’t near my Chromebook.
  • I will make sure my Chromebook isn’t exposed to water, excessive heat or excessive cold.
  • I won’t leave my Chromebook in my car.
  • I will tell my teacher or another staff member if somebody has illegally accessed Chromebook
  • I will make sure that I am not using my Chromebook to engage in academically dishonest behavior, as defined in the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities handbook.
  • I won’t use my Chromebook to submit, post, publish or display defamatory, knowingly inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, harassing or illegal material.
  • I will only use my Chromebook to engage in communication that promotes kind, respectful and civil interactions.
  • I won’t use my Chromebook to cyberbully others.
  • I will make sure that I use good judgment when I use the camera and microphone on my Chromebook by making sure that others know when I am taking pictures and that they approve of me taking pictures.
  • I will never use the Chromebook camera or microphone in a bathroom or locker room.
  • I will make sure that I only access sites or use applications as approved by my teacher.
  • I will maintain the software on my Chromebook and not try to “hack” or otherwise change my Chromebook. 
  • I will make sure that I use the district’s network resources in an educationally appropriate way, and that I don’t try to disable the district’s network or other computing assets.
  • I understand that the only device I can use for testing is my Chromebook.
  • My family or I will pay any charges that might arise if I damage or break my Chromebook
  • My family or I understand that if I lose my Chromebook, we have to pay for a replacement.(The cost of a new Chromebook is approximately $400).
  • My family and I understand that the school district will be the only party that facilitates repairs to the Chromebook and that we should not take the Chromebook to any third parties for repair, or attempt to repair the Chromebook. 
  • Students no longer attending schools in Maine Township High School District 207 prior to graduation are required to return their assigned Chromebook before their final day of attendance.  If the Chromebook is not returned, District 207 will assess a full replacement charge and take other steps if necessary.

I understand that using the Chromebook issued to me by the district is a privilege and that it carries no expectation of privacy. I also understand that misusing my Chromebook will result in disciplinary consequences.