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Referendum Videos

These videos were designed to provide residents of Maine Township High School District 207 with information about the referendum prior to the vote in the fall of 2018.

Referendum Overview Video: This two-minute video provides an overview of the referendum information and how funds will be used.

Safety Security Video: This two-minute video provides insight into the safety and security improvements.

Facilities and Infrastructure Video: This two-minute video provides information related to the infrastructure upgrades.

Classroom Setting Video: This two-minute video provides a glimpse at the classroom updates and school changes to create flexible learning spaces that promote collaboration.

These four short videos provide more in-depth information on a particular portion of the ballot question including security vestibules, access for special needs students, the classroom environment and students walking outside between classes.

YouTube Live Video: This video features Superintendent Dr. Ken Wallace presenting information about the referendum and answering questions during the live event on Oct. 18, 2018.

Presentation from Dr. Wallace: This six-minute video from Superintendent Dr. Ken Wallace provides an overview of the referendum and how funds will be utilized.