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Career experiences - Preparing students for their futures

Maine Township High School District 207 seeks to provide students with real learning opportunities both in the classroom and beyond. Authentic learning environments allow students to apply knowledge and skills at a far deeper level than through traditional classroom structures and processes. Working with partners in our community, Maine 207 is expanding these opportunities to students through an ever-increasing number of internships, job shadow days, and other career experiences.

Career experiences are organized around the Career Clusters and the work that students do as they plan for college and careers through Career Cruising, beginning in middle school with Maine 207’s partner elementary school districts.

Partners in Success – Maine 207 Internship Program
View the full brochure  from the Maine 207 Internship ProgramInternship Goals

  • Identify career opportunities based on individual interests and abilities.
  • Recognize the value of teamwork and cooperation.
  • Communicate effectively and think critically.
  • Apply the steps of problem solving and decision making.
  • Make connections between one’s course of study in school and the environment associated with a career interest.


Internship Program Benefits
Benefits to the Internship Student

  • Increased career awareness
  • Application of classroom principles
  • Potential future employment
  • Excellent experience for future resumes and references

Benefits to the Internship Site

  • Develop quality workers
  • Attract young talent to a particular industry or occupation
  • Become involved in the community’s education system

Benefits to the Community

  • Creates school and business partnership
  • Exposes available career opportunities for young people
  • Provides relevance to school
  • School is able to incorporate workplace standards into the curriculum
  • School becomes a community resource


  Would you like more information about what an internship is, what options you have, and community partners?
Please schedule an appointment with an Assistant Career Coordinator:East – Mrs. Flores – [email protected]
South – Mrs. Wilkens[email protected]
West – Ms. Hansen – [email protected]Are you interested in a job shadowing experience?
Learn more about the Lift & Move USA Career Experience Day. Quick Link for Staff
Career Pathways Connect for Staff
If you are a Maine 207 teacher and would like to view open jobs or internship opportunities, please contact Laura Cook for a username and password.How do organizations become partners?
Contact Laura Cook at 847-384-6668 or register to become a partner by visiting Career Pathways Connect.In addition to serving as an internship partner, other ways you can help include becoming a:

  • Job Shadow Day host
  • Guest speaker
  • Mock interviewer
  • Career panelist
  • Classroom project-based learning leader
  • Job Fair booth participant, or…
  • Offer a hiring event for your organization in our schools for Maine 207 students