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Career Exploration

How do you want to change the world?

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Career Pathways Connecting youth to real-world experiences to better determine a personal career path.

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Maine 207 has a nationally-recognized career and counseling program aimed to do one thing: Help all students make the best decision about their plans after high school by letting them gain relevant career experience before committing money and time to pursue a degree and career.

The program is based on the national Project Lead the Way research. Here’s the premise: We believe that no matter what a student wants to do after leaving high school, having a chance to gain real experience in the field will help them make a better decision to increase their chances of “getting it right” in choosing a career path.

Currently, we are working to give every student an opportunity to have a job shadow, mentoring, internship or pre-apprenticeship experience before they make a post-secondary decision.

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Many people hear the term “Career Experiences” and immediately think of internships. While internships represent one vital component of Maine 207’s Career Experiences program, it is by no means the only Career Experience option. Career Experiences also take the form of Career Treks, Job Shadowing, and actual employment. Learn about all the D207 options here:

Guidelines for Career Experiences in D207



Stop in the Career & College Resource Center (CCRC) any Wednesday to receive help with:

  • career exploration
  • college and other training options
  • job applications and resumes
  • college essays

You can also schedule an appointment with a Career Coordinator:

EAST | Mrs. Flores         [email protected] | 847.692.8192

SOUTH | Mrs. Wilkens   [email protected] | 847.825.4064 

WEST | Miss Hansen  [email protected] | 847.692.8609

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Register to be a D207 Business Partner

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Contact District Career Coordinator                      Laura Cook  | 847.384.6668 

Ways you can help include becoming a:

  • Internship site host
  • Job Shadow Day host
  • Guest speaker
  • Mock interviewer
  • Career panelist
  • Classroom project-based learning leader
  • Job Fair booth participant
  • Offer a hiring event for your organization in our schools for Maine 207 students


Career Pathways Concept Map


Career Pathways Concept Map w Pathway Links