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Mandated Compliance Training

Maine Township High School District 207’s insurance pool (SSCRMP – including Districts 207, 211, 214,and 225) uses a subscription from Global Compliance Network (GCN) corporation to provide member districts with free online tutorials as a way to meet ISBE and federal requirements for staff training. Through the use of this online resource, the District can provide consistent and convenient training to staff members instead of conducting faculty/staff meetings in the buildings to deliver the required training. 

In addition, the D207 Human Resources Department has utilized our RIVS Digital Interviews software to create a more time-efficient option for staff members to complete their required training tutorials. Starting with the 2019-2020 school year, all staff members may choose between the GCN tutorials or the RIVS training video. As long as the staff members complete their training of choice by November 1st they will have met their obligation for the year.  Coaches, CTE teachers, Science teachers and custodians do have additional requirements that must be completed through GCN, like fire extinguisher safety, ladder safety, concussion training and steroid awareness. 

The website address for the GCN training is or for step-by-step instructions you can click on the following link: The D207 organization ID = 50139m.

The website address to register for your required training videos through RIVS is  Please sign up on the registration page. You will need to type in two things you learned about each topic in order to receive credit. 

The number and type of trainings each staff member will be required to complete depends on their employee class and whether they serve as a coach/sponsor.

All staff members required to complete the compliance training tutorials may do so during the contractual work day when they are not directly involved in providing instruction to students. 

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to meet our ISBE-compliance requirements and help prevent unnecessary increases to our tort liability insurance costs. If you cannot log in or do not have an account, please contact Laurie Nagel at [email protected] or by phone at (847) 692-8003.