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Cooperative Learning

Meet our Trainers:

Mike Biondo – Sarah Djordjevic  – Aaron Fleming – Carol Gutekanst –  Alexis Liakakos –   Derrick Swistak

List of Courses:

Brown Book
Brown Book is a foundational course in cooperative learning. The workshop focuses on the use of base groups and how to embed cooperative strategies into the classroom on a daily basis. 

​Green Book
Advanced cooperative learning builds upon the foundation developed in Brown book as participants consider how to implement the five basic elements of cooperative learning in their classrooms. Specific focus is given to building communication and trust among members of a group through the use of social skills.

Pink Book
Participants will be instructed on the value of conflict, negotiating to solve problems, how to mediate schoolmates’ conflicts and implementing peer-mediation program and the cooperative school.


Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and Bolts of Cooperative Learning provides a review of the foundational concepts from brown and green book.  

Cooperative Assessment
A workshop that focuses on addressing how to handle assessments when coupled with an environment where students work in cooperative groups. This is a great compliment to the Assessment Literacy offering, as it can help with the synthesis of Cooperative Learning and Assessment Literacy.

Cooperative Technology
How do you interact Face-to-Face while using a Chromebook? Do social networks encourage poor social skills? Why does Roger Johnson insist on using overhead projectors? Discuss and debate these questions while exploring different tech tools and how to integrate them into a cooperative classroom.