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Frost Academy Student Handbook


Dear Families, 


I am honored to work as the Department Chair of Ralph J. Frost Academy.  This is the start of my seventh  year at Frost Academy and I can truly say I work with the most amazing students and staff in our District.  Frost Academy provides a structured, therapeutic setting for students with various emotional and behavioral challenges.  We strive to build meaningful connections with every student and family we serve. We are a relationship based program that values the strengths each student brings to our community, while also building skills in areas that are more challenging.  We put a great deal of emphasis into community building and promoting restorative practices.  It is incredibly rewarding to help students overcome difficult situations and obstacles that interfere with their educational and social functioning. We truly believe all students can succeed when they have the right level of support in place. Thank you for partnering with us in the education of your student.  It is our honor to come alongside you and your student during their high school experience.




Anna R. Hamilton


Dr. Anna Hamilton

Department Chair- Ralph J. Frost Academy




Overview and Program Goals
This handbook is intended to provide students and parents with a summary of supports and services at Maine Township District 207’s Ralph J. Frost Academy. All students referred to Ralph J. Frost Academy are eligible under the Individual with Disabilities Education Act and must be a resident of District 207 High Schools – Maine East, South, or West.  The goal of Frost Academy is to provide a structured, therapeutic educational environment to improve students’ academic, vocational, and social-emotional learning skills. Additionally, Frost Academy enhances the overall  mission of District 207 “To Improve Learning” by incorporating the Illinois State Board of Education Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards.  There is significant evidence that instruction and support with social skills, emotional management, and behavioral regulation can help individuals overcome behaviors that interfere with success in school and meaningfully connecting with others. 


The primary goal at Frost Academy is to assist the student in developing emotional wellness and social skills that lead to success in educational, vocational, and interpersonal areas of life.  We strive to strengthen positive social emotional  skills and improve emotional management by promoting a strong sense of community and creating an environment where students feel cared about, respected, and safe. We also work explicitly with students to  develop essential coping, emotional management, and self-regulation skills.  In addition, a structured program with clear predictable guidelines and behavioral expectations is essential for student growth and well-being.  This student handbook explains program supports and expectations, as well as district-wide policies that all students in Maine Township District 207 are expected to adhere to.  It is essential all students and parents read this document so  program expectations are clearly understood.  Information regarding grades, attendance and reintegration back to the student’s home school are delineated in the pages that follow.


Maine Township District 207 policies and procedures are the official document for student expectations and consequences.  This document is meant to serve as an enhancement to the handbooks and to recognize the unique program and student needs at Ralph J. Frost Academy.


For more information on the Maine Township District 207 policies and procedures please reference:


History of Ralph J. Frost

In January of 2015 the District 207 Board of Education approved the renaming of the Alternative Resource Center (ARC) to Ralph J. Frost Academy (Flyers).  ARC began in 1985 as a program designed to provide specific interventions for high school level students eligible to receive special education services.  The program was designed to provide students with identified social and emotional needs opportunities to receive support in a small, highly structured, off-campus facility.  The goal of the program is to allow the student to continue earning high school credits toward graduation while addressing the needs identified within their Individual Education Plan (IEP). 


Mr. Ralph J. Frost was a former assistant superintendent of the Maine Township High Schools and was a well known, highly respected leader in the education field.  Under his guidance, school districts in the area worked together to form the Maine Township Special Education Program (MTSEP) in 1966.  The nickname/mascot Flyers was selected to honor the contributions made in December 1944, when students at Maine Township High School combined forces with their teachers, school administrators, and community members to sell war bonds. The drive succeeded, raising $551,000. As a result of their efforts, the students were invited to a dedication ceremony at the local Douglas Aircraft plant, where C54 Skymaster cargo planes were built for the war. The students named one of the planes the “Maine Flyer” and came up with the motto, “Faster and Higher, That’s Maine’s Flyer.” In August 2015, a special commemorative celebration of this event was held. 


Program Supports &  Expectations

Bell Schedule


The bell schedule at Frost is different from the bell schedule at the home schools. We run a traditional 7th period schedule with a 15 minute lunch between 4th and 5th periods. On Wednesdays, we have an extended Advisory period where students get explicit instruction and support with executive functioning and social emotional skills. We work with our students who are reintegrated to ensure they are on time for the classes at their home school.



Daily attendance to school is critical for your student to be successful. We have a program wide goal of an overall 85% attendance rate which means your student should miss no more than 10 days a semester. For students who are reintegrated, the goal is for them to attend school at least 95% of the time which is no more than one absence per month. Consistent school attendance requires a commitment from staff, students, and families. 


As a school community: 

  • We commit to communicating attendance expectations
  • Monitoring attendance trends
  • Sharing data with our families around their student’s attendance


 As a parent or guardian we ask that you:

  • Encourage daily attendance 
  • Help your student maintain daily routines and encourage health habits
  • Report all absences in advance to Frost by calling 847.292.6521 and your student’s home school if they are reintegrated 
  • Utilize Infinite Campus to routinely check your student’s attendance
  • Avoid scheduling non-urgent appointments during the school day


The following are a list of approved absences from the Illinois State Board of Education: 

  • Student illness
  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Observance of a religious holiday
  • Situations beyond the control of a student as determined by administration, such as hospitalization or serious illness, for which the school receives timely acceptable documentation
  • Circumstances that cause reasonable concern to the parent for the mental, emotional, or physical health or safety of the student


A Parent or legal guardian must call the Frost Academy office 847-292-6521 prior to 7:30 a.m. on the day a student is not attending school due to illness or other Illinois School Code approved absence.  An early call is needed in order to cancel transportation for the day.  If a student is enrolled in classes at their home campus, it is the parent’s responsibility to call the attendance office at the home school to report an absence.  A student who is absent (excused) for 10 school days during the course of a semester is required to bring a doctor’s note for each additional absence.  A student absent 3 consecutive days will be required to bring in a doctor’s note for readmittance.  Failure to do so will result in the absences being considered unexcused. 


Research Based Interventions

Frost Academy utilizes components of the following supports and research based interventions.

Frost offers an elective that focuses explicitly on teaching students essential social-emotional learning skills.  In this class, the teacher and related service provider strive to develop a trusting community where students work together towards a shared vision. Healthy relationships are cultivated as students learn key foundational skills necessary for success, as well as tools to be productive citizens. Students develop skills to engage in self-evaluation in order to reflect and grow. 

  • Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS)

Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) views students with emotional and behavioral 

challenges as needing support with developing skills necessary to handle situations that are 

difficult for them.  The goal is for staff to teach students the skills they lack so they are better equipped to manage their emotions and behaviors. Staff work with families and students to resolve problems in a collaborative and mutually satisfactory manner. 

Frost is committed to engaging in restorative practices when harm occurs. Staff are trained in various restorative techniques and attention is given to cultivating a community that students feel connected to.  We strive to understand the perspectives of students and help students develop skills in self-reflection, as well as teaching students new skills that are more proactive and conducive to forming and maintaining healthy relationships. 

  • Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)
    Staff members have participated and are certified through CPI’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training.


Performance Behavior Management System 

(Self Awareness Work Ethic Accountability Giving Respect – SWAG)

Behavioral data from teachers and staff are gathered every period for each student through a program wide Performance Behavior Management System. Students are able to earn up to 2 points each period for 4 behavioral objectives for a total of 8 points a period. The data gathered helps: 

  •  students gain awareness of behavioral strengths and weaknesses
  •  promote self-monitoring
  • give the IEP team and family ongoing information
  • inform a student’s readiness to participate in CAAEL and be considered for reintegration  


At the end of each period, staff award students 0, 1, or 2 points for each behavioral objective. A student will earn a “2” if he/she meets the objective with no prompts.  A student will earn a “1” if he/she requires one or two prompts to meet the objective.  A student will earn a “0” if he/she requires more than two prompts to meet the objective.


We also recognize the importance of praising students for engaging in appropriate behaviors. Teachers also track these celebrations and they are referred to as Above and Beyond behaviors. Data is tracked through a platform called  Kickboard and parents will receive login information so they are able to access their student’s behavioral data. 


Below are the behavioral objectives for SWAG.



The PBMS also allows staff to track various behavioral infractions. These data also help inform a student’s progress and areas where skill deficits may be present and intervention is needed.  Below are infractions that are monitored. 


Level 1 Minor Infractions

  • Academic Dishonesty – ADH
  • Argue – arguing with staff
  • Cell Phone – having phone out in class
  • Disrespect – verbal or nonverbal (low level)
  • Disrupt – inappropriate behavior that disrupts the learning environment
  • Dress Code Violation – DCV
  • Inappropriate Contact – having any inappropriate contact with a student, including horseplay
  • Inappropriate to Staff – any inappropriate action with staff
  • Lying – when a student is lying to avoid consequences
  • Manipulation – any manipulation of staff
  • Minor Misuse of Technology – MNT
  • Name Call – calling a student any name other than the student’s name
  • Not Following Directions
  • Out of Area – In unassigned area without staff permission
  • Off Task – Behavior that hinders the student ability to participate
  • Play Fighting- 
  • Provoke – provoking another student to act inappropriately
  • Public Display of Affection – PDA
  • Sleeping – Student is or appears to be asleep during class time
  • Swearing – the use of inappropriate language OBS
  • Talk of Drugs – any talk of drugs or reference
  • Threatening Others – threatening words or gestures toward others
  • Transportation – inappropriate behavior, or getting off at non-designated drop-off


Level 2 Major Infractions

  • Battery to a District Employee
  • Bullying – bullying or harassment of another student
  • Destruction of Property – destruction of any item that will need to be replaced or repaired
  • Disrespect of Staff – severe disrespect to staff
  • Gang – any display of gang representation
  • Out of Building – student left building without permission
  • Physical Aggression – engaging in physical aggression
  • Racial Comment – Any derogatory statement about race or ethnicity
  • Sexual Comment / Gesture – any sexual comment or gesture
  • Staff Interference – any student interfering with a teacher who is conducting a student intervention
  • Stealing – theft of any item or property
  • Transportation – getting off at non-designated drop-off
  • Under the Influence – student suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol


Level Guidelines  

Levels are determined using a percentage calculation over the student’s last 30 days and 5 days of school.  These timelines provide students with a recap on overall school performance within the last month and/or week.


LEVEL III – 85-100% of total points / LEVEL II – 65-84% of total points / LEVEL I – 0-64% of total points


Students can access their data at anytime through a website link to their personal dashboard and specific time is allocated throughout the school week for students to reflect on their behavior.


Cell Phones 

Upon entering Frost Academy, students who are not reintegrated  will place their cell phones in their assigned locker.   Students who bring their device into program will have to turn their device into administration for the remainder of the school day.  Students who are reintegrated may keep their phones on their person but they must stay put away during instructional time. Learning to exercise good social manners in a variety of settings is an important social skill being taught to students.  The goal is to keep distractions and interruptions to the teaching/learning process to a minimum throughout the school day.  


Student cell phone interruptions during class time could result in disciplinary action which may include having the cell phone confiscated and parent contact.  Repeated cell phone infractions may result in a parent conference to discuss more severe consequences, including having the cell phone turned into staff daily upon student arrival. Below are steps that are taken when a student utilizes their cell phone during the school day for an extended period of time: 


Extended Use of Cell Phone Protocol: 

  1. When a student is on his/her device during instructional time, he/she will be given up to 2 prompts to put the device away. 
  2. If the student requires a third prompt to put away the phone, the student will be required to turn their device into administration for the remainder of that school day. 
  3. If the student has consecutive days of extended cell phone use, he/she will be required to turn their phone into administration when they arrive at school for the next 3 school days. 
  4. Should a concerning pattern continue, a parent meeting will be requested to discuss next steps. 


Essential Student Expectations 

As a part of District 207, we follow the Discipline Code established for all students and approved by the Board of Education.  A copy of the full Discipline Code is available on the District website The consequences for violation of District policies may include: student conferences with staff or administration, a parent meeting, loss of privileges, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, police reports, arrest,  or recommendation for expulsion.  Students who damage property will also be asked to pay restitution.  


Students having ongoing difficulty following Frost Academy rules and who are consistently disruptive to the program and education of other students on a continuous basis, may require an IEP meeting to review current supports and services in order to meet their social/emotional and educational needs.


A basic summary of District policy as it applies to the Frost Academy is presented below.

Students will:

  1. Enter immediately through the main entrance upon arrival.
  2. Report free from the influence or possession of drugs or alcohol.
  3. Students will put their mobile device and any outerwear into their lockers immediately upon entering the building and leave it there until school dismissal.
  4. All backpacks, nylon bags, or other bags to carry items are to be placed in the student’s locker immediately after entering the school in the morning.
  5. Students are to remain in the building for the duration of the day unless accompanied by staff or leaving for the day with staff/parent approval.
  6. Students are to remain in the area designated by the instructor when outside the building recognizing District policies remain in force.
  7. Students are to attend all scheduled classes, unless arrangements are made with and approved by a staff member.
  8. Students are to refrain from using any nicotine delivery system on any District 207 owned or leased buildings and grounds, transportation vehicles, field trips.
  9. Students are to refrain from any gang representation, such as gang signs, clothing, drawings, or threats.  
  10. Students are to refrain from threats of or actual physical violence against any person on campus.  These actions may result in suspension, police action, and/or expulsion from school
  11. Students are to refrain from any form of harassment, bullying, or hazing of other students or staff.  
  12. Students are to respect others and refrain from using terms offensive to any group or individual.
  13. Students are to maintain the safety of other students, staff and property by using sporting equipment only in the fitness room or outside the building and in the way intended by the manufacturer.
  14. Teacher issued and personal Chromebooks are to remain in classrooms unless given permission to take them out of the room.
  15. At 2:08 p.m., students will exit the building using the main exit and go to their assigned district provided transportation.


Philosophy of School Discipline 

When a student’s behavior negatively impacts his/her education and the community at Frost, it is important to take time to work with the student and parents/guardians to gain a deeper understanding of what occurred.  Frost is a relationship-based program where staff strive to build meaningful connections  with students and families. We also strive to promote a sense of community within our program and amongst our student body. This sense of community fosters positive relationships and interactions and provides a foundation that students want to restore back to when a negative situation happens. We value open communication and restorative practices. Our goal is to focus on skill building and we resort to more punitive practices only when student safety is jeopardized. When student discipline is deemed necessary, we use the opportunity to promote emotional, social, and intellectual development and promote healthier decision making in the future.  

Quality schools are active in their commitment to a philosophy of student discipline that is fair, consistent, effective, and restorative in nature.  The purpose of these procedures is to promote the development of student citizenship and learning by maintaining a safe and educationally conducive environment for students, faculty and members of the community.  

Maine Township District 207 Discipline Procedures and Extracurricular Code of Conduct
can be found online at:
Students, parents and school personnel should take a few minutes to familiarize themselves with District 207’s Discipline Procedures and Extracurricular Code of Conduct.   It is designed not only to inform and guide written discipline procedures, but also promote the idea that students must take responsibility for their own behavior.  Effective discipline is possible only when students, parents and school personnel know, understand and support the school rules and regulations.  

The Center

Frost Academy has a classroom dedicated to meet students’ individual needs during the school day.  The Center is available for students by request or referral.  It serves as an extension to the classroom and related service team.  The Center was thoughtfully designed to be a calming space with a range of tools available to help students regulate in an adaptive manner and collaborate with staff on a plan to re-enter the learning environment. A student may need additional academic support, working 1:1 with a staff member or may require in the moment processing during the school day.  

A student may also be referred to The Center  if  they are dysregulated to a marked degree and are unable to participate in the learning environment or if they have caused significant harm to the community or a  member of the community.  In these circumstances, the student would be given time and space to de-escalate. When ready, a staff member would process the situation with the student and a plan would be made for  him/her to rejoin the community.  At Frost Academy, the staff provides many alternative disciplinary options responsive to the students needs.  This approach provides students with the tools necessary to achieve school success and gain skills to better navigate frustrating situations. 


Chicago Area Alternative Education (CAAEL) League (this opportunity will be limited during COVID-19)

Students may qualify to participate in CAAEL academic and/or sporting activities by meeting behavior and academic expectations of the PBMS.  Students must be passing all classes and displaying appropriate behaviors at school.  Students must be on Level II or III in order to participate in CAAEL.




  • Must be on Level II or III
    • LEVEL II = 65-84% of total points earned.
    • LEVEL III = 85-100% of total points earned.
  • Point value is based on individual student’s last 5 school days. 

  • Must be passing minimum 5 classes (IHSA eligibility requirement) or the equivalent of courses enrolled.

  • Student must attend a minimum of 4 out of 5 school days prior to game.
  • Absence from school must be approved (excused by parent/guardian).

  • Student must participate in practice.

  • Major discipline infraction would disqualify participation for the week.
  • Student must abide by the CAAEL contract signed prior to participation.


Reintegration to Home ‘Resident’ School Criteria

The following guidelines are recommended criteria used to help the IEP team determine the most appropriate course of action in meeting the student’s individual needs.  Students may earn the recommendation to be considered for re-integration to the main building by:

  1. Passing all classes, C’s or better
  2. No suspensions or significant behavioral concerns
  3. Attendance at 85% or better
  4. Making progress on therapeutic and educational goal(s)
  5. Remain on Level III for extended period of time (i.e. 30 days)
  6. Present the desire to return to the main building by participating in the IEP process in  

      any of the following ways:

  1. a) Student-led IEP
  2. b) Portfolio
  3. c) Letter to appropriate home school personnel    
        d) Fulfillment of any discipline timeline

*Students must demonstrate success in the above listed areas to be considered for classes at their home school building. Students must continue to meet these criteria to maintain their placement throughout the school year.


Home School Reintegration Process

  1. IEP meeting held at Frost Academy to determine appropriate placement options to meet the student’s education needs.
  2. Representatives from the student’s home school will be invited to the IEP meeting.  These representatives may include, but not limited to: department chair/facilitator, department chairperson, counselor, other related service providers, and/or outside agencies if appropriate.


General Information


Parent/Guardian Rights and Responsibilities

As the parent/guardian of a student or adult student with a disability who is receiving or may be eligible to receive special education and related service, you have rights which are safeguarded by state and federal law. A full explanation of these rights is available from your child’s school district and online. Additional information regarding your rights and procedural safeguards are  available on the ISBE website:


Student Rights and Responsibilities

All District 207 students have the right to a safe learning environment.  Students have the right to be treated with respect and dignity by their peers and staff members.  They have the right to a learning environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, verbal and physical abuse.  Students have the right to an academic curriculum that will contribute toward their graduation requirements and prepare them for post high school academic, vocational, and community life. Students are expected to abide by District 207’s and Frost Academy’s  rules and policies, which includes supporting the rights of all students. 


Bullying, Hazing and Harassment

In Maine Township High School District 207, bullying (including cyber bullying), intimidating, 

hazing and/or harassing of staff members and/or students are strictly prohibited and will not 

be tolerated.


Consequences for violating this prohibition on bullying, hazing and harassment: 

(Excerpt from Student Discipline Procedure Manual)

If the student violates this regulation, the Frost Academy department chairperson will confer with the student. Consequences to these infractions may include, but are not limited to, loss of privileges, detentions, reassignment, suspension and/or expulsion. The Frost Academy department chairperson will contact the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian informing them of the disciplinary action.

Community Based Instruction / Field Trips

A goal at Frost Academy is for students to feel engaged in both their school and local community. We have opportunities throughout the school year for students to go off grounds. These outings are for a variety of purposes. Frost Academy is a member of Chicago Area Alternative Education League (CAAEL).  This provides our students with an opportunity to participate in athletic and academic activities during the school day.  Physical Education is held off-campus throughout the school year at local area community centers.  Students must take District 207 transportation in order to participate and attend community based trips.  This is a school sponsored activity and students will be held to the same policies and standards while in the community.  Field Trips will be content based and arranged by individual teachers.


Eating and Drinking in class

Eating and drinking in class is determined by the individual teacher.  The instructor will inform students about classroom rules.  


Food Services

Students are welcome to bring their own lunch to school. Breakfast and lunch options are also offered through Quest. 


All students are welcome to bring a sack lunch and drink to school daily.   Students will be able to store food and/or drinks each day in a secure refrigerator.  A microwave is available for heating food.  There are no vending services or food sales at Frost Academy.  Liquid items must be in a factory sealed bottle or in an approved container.   Students are not permitted to place or receive orders for food delivery during the school day. 


Health Services

Frost Academy utilizes the Maine South High School nursing staff for immediate needs during the school day.  The nurses serve as liaisons between the medical community and the school community.   They are available to students, parents, and staff for counseling, education, and referrals for health related issues and concerns.  Individual student health records as well as any paperwork or documentation of a medical or health-related nature are confidentiality maintained at the student’s home school health office. Doctors’ notes, PE excuses, medication passes and elevator keys are also handled through the health office.  


Locker Procedures 

One locker will be issued per student.  Lockers will be assigned by staff and there will be periodic locker inspections by an administrator  and/or police liaison.  Students will be responsible for any items found in their assigned locker.  Students should not share their combination or allow other students to use their locker.



Partnerships involving the student, family, school, and community in the problem solving process is an essential component to meet student outcomes.  At Frost Academy, the clinical team works directly with the teachers and support staff to build a system of supports including family members, community and vocational resources.



JumpStart is a proactive program that works with students from ages 16-24 to help them achieve school and work goals.  A student needs to have a couple of barriers to be eligible for our program.   The typical student has an IEP and has never had a job before, however not all students served have an IEP.  Frost Academy can serve as a liaison to a JumpStart coordinator to assist with the referral for eligibility. A student stays with the program until they are in a stable work environment.  That means that they have completed an education program and/or have a stable job.  At that time a student can be exited from our program, however, they remain in contact once a month for a year after they are exited.


School Based Health Clinic

Located in the lower level of Maine East High School 

2601 West Dempster Street Park Ridge, IL 60068 / 847-825-4059 /

The District 207 School Based Health Center is a collaborative effort between District 207, Advocate Lutheran Hospital, and Advocate Medical Group. .  This is a free service offered to all students.  Medical and psychological services provided. 


MaineStay Youth & Family Services

1700 Ballard Rd, Park Ridge, IL, 60068 / 847-297-2510

The mission of MaineStay Youth & Family Services is to support the growth of healthier families in the Maine Township community by providing affordable strength-based counseling and comprehensive programs focused on prevention and education. All programs are either free or low-cost and no one will be turned away due to inability to pay. Counseling services are available to those who live or attend school in Maine Township. 


Illinois Department of Human Services

Staff are available 8:00 am – 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday except state holidays to answer your questions. An automated response is available after hours.

(800) 843-6154 English or Español  /  (800) 447-6404 TTY


Crisis Support- Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273 TALK (8255)

If you or someone you are concerned about are in a crisis state and at risk of harm to yourself, others, 

or property, or at risk of psychiatric hospitalization, you may exercise either of the following three 


  • Call 911 (Police and fire department personnel are trained responders to situations involving mental health issues.)
  • Go to the Emergency room at a local area hospital.
  • Des Plaines – Lutheran Services of IL, 1001 E. Touhy / (847) 635- 4600


Student ID’s 

Students should have their home school ID with them when they attend events on-campus and in the community.


Search and Seizure 

Students and their personal effects are subject to search in order to maintain a safe school environment for students and staff.  A search will be conducted if school authorities have a reasonable suspicion that the search will produce evidence that the student has violated a District and/or school policy or the law. Other property and areas are subject to search in accordance with the Illinois School Code.



All users of district technology and networks must abide by the Maine 207 Acceptable Use Policy:


Each student in District 207 is issued a Chromebook. Chromebooks are used for instructional purposes and should be brought to school fully charged. Each student agrees to the District’s Acceptable Use Policy and will be held accountable if technology is used in an inappropriate manner.  Students are not permitted to utilize personal computers or tablets unless it is part of his/her IEP. 


Electronic Communications Network

The primary purpose of the District 207 electronic communications network (D207net) and technologies which attach to it is to support and enhance learning and teaching that prepares students for success in an information society. These technologies include all computer hardware, software, and network infrastructure owned or operated by District 207 including its internal network, portals, and/or online resources. Use of the system is defined as obtaining access to any D207 technology, software, or services regardless of the technical device, and regardless of whether or not the device is owned or operated by the district. Students, staff, and guests in District 207 who are provided with access to networks (including the Internet), D207net, and other technologies by the District shall be governed by the following policy.


The Internet is a series of networks connecting millions of computer users all over the world. This network enables worldwide connection to email, discussion groups, databases, software, file storage and other information resources, such as libraries and museums. District 207 may provide network access to promote educational excellence in District 207 schools by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. District 207 firmly believes that the valuable information and interaction available on networks far outweigh the possibility that users may procure material that is not consistent with the educational goals of District 207. The use of D207net is a privilege, not a right, which may be revoked at any time for inappropriate behavior.

Users have no expectation of privacy in their use of D207net. D207 has the right to access, review, copy, delete, or disclose, as allowed by law, any digitally recorded information stored in, or passed through D207net, regardless of the initial intentions of the user. D207 has the right and responsibility to monitor the use of D207net by its users including tracking of internet, network, hardware, and software use. Employees should be aware that any digitally recorded information, even that of personal nature, can be subject to disclosure under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Users assume responsibility for understanding the policy and guidelines as a condition of using the network. Staff members are accountable to teach and use the network responsibly. Use of the network that is inconsistent with this policy may result in loss of access as well as other disciplinary or legal action. Any use of D207net during or after the school day by any student, staff member, or guest that disrupts the educational process or goals of the institution is prohibited.

Misuse of Technology

Students will receive a level 1 infraction through the PBMS if observed to be using technology inappropriately and during instructional time (e.g. Facebook, inappropriate videos, video chatting). Prior to receiving an infraction, students will be redirected. 


5 Level 1 Infractions for Misuse of Technology

  1. 1 Tech Free Day

8 Level 1 Infractions

  1. 3 Tech Free Days
  2. Parent Call

10 or more

  1. 5 Tech Free Days
  2. In-person Parent Meeting


Should a student violate the AUP in an extreme manner (e.g. logging onto to another student’s account, engaging in cyberbullying, sending information to other individuals that is grossly disrespectful and inappropriate, etc.), their parents will be contacted, they will lose their chromebook for an extended period of time and be required to complete a presentation on digital citizenship and appropriate use of technology in school. 



Transportation will be provided to the students attending Frost Academy per the student’s individual education plan (IEP).  All transportation is arranged through the Frost Academy office.


Academic Services


Students attending Frost Academy earn and receive a high school diploma from their assigned home school.  We work with each student’s counselor to ensure they are making progress towards District 207’s home school.  Students may participate in their home school’s graduation ceremony.   Transcripts only refer to the course of study pursued by the graduate not to the graduate’s academic record.


Courses Offerings

Courses at Frost Academy are aligned with courses students would take at their home schools. Students are enrolled in 7 courses each semester.  Our staff plan engaging and rigorous lessons that promote higher level thinking across content areas. Staff work together as a professional learning team to align cross disciplinary themes and deliver sequential instruction of pre-identified learning standards. Additionally, assessment data is examined at the building level on an ongoing basis to help determine which students need more support and which students need exposure to more challenging concepts. Here is a link to the the Maine 207 Curriculum Guide:


Credit Recovery

Credit recovery options are offered at Frost Academy. Decisions for a student to participate in credit recovery are determined by the student, parent, case manager, counselor, and department chair, credit recovery requires online course work completed at school and home.  

Created: 8/25/14 Updated: 3/11/15, 8/2/15,  8/3/16, 7/31/17, 8/1/18, 7/29/19, 11/6/2019, 8/18/21



All students in District 207 must follow the Behavioral Support Guidelines and Procedures & Extracurricular Code of Conduct


Signed Agreement

I have read and understand the Ralph J. Frost Academy Student/Parent Handbook and agree to abide by its contents.


Student Signature: _______________________________________  Date: ____________


Parent Signature: ________________________________________  Date: ____________



Best Contact Number:_________________________________________ CELL / HOME / WORK


Email Address: _________________________________________________________________

*I wish to be added to the confidential parent/guardian group email: YES / NO


Student Cell Phone: _____________________________________________________________


Other Contact Information (if necessary): ____________________________________________


Media Student/Parent Release Form

Student’s School____________________________________________________________________


Student’s Name______________________________________________________________________


For students under 18 years of age


____I grant to CAAEL the right to take photographs or video of me in connection with CAAEL events. I authorize CAAEL, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print, broadcast, and/or electronically. I agree that CAAEL may use such photographs or video of me with or without my first name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content. 


____I  DO NOT grant CAAEL the right to take photographs or video of me in connection with CAAEL events. 


Student Signature: ___________________________________________________________   Date: ___________


Parent Signature: _____________________________________________________________  Date: ___________



For students OVER 18 years of age


____I grant to CAAEL the right to take photographs or video of me in connection with CAAEL events. I authorize CAAEL, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print, broadcast, and/or electronically. I agree that CAAEL may use such photographs or video of me with or without my first name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content. 


____I  DO NOT grant CAAEL the right to take photographs or video of me in connection with CAAEL events. 


Student Signature: ___________________________________________________________   Date: ___________


Community Based Instruction Permission Slip 


STUDENT NAME:____________________________________  ID NUMBER:_____________


I give my permission for my child, named above; to participate in community based instruction and field trips off school grounds with the Frost Academy staff of Maine Township High School District 207.  While the above named student is in the community, I understand that my child will be supervised by the Frost Academy staff.  Community based instruction is provided to promote independence in integrated settings and to enhance the classroom experience. 


Frost is a member of Chicago Area Alternative Education League (CAAEL).  This provides our students with an opportunity to participate in athletic and academic activities during the school day.  Physical Education is also held off campus throughout the school year at the Maine Park Leisure Center in Park Ridge.  Students must take District 207 transportation in order to participate and attend community based trips.  This is a school sponsored activity and students will be held to the same policies and standards while in the community.


Does your child take special medication that would prevent or limit participation?  If yes, please provide details below:




Does your child have any physical limitations that would prevent or restrict their ability to function in planned activities?  If yes, please provide details below:





I understand the above information and give my permission for my son/daughter to participate in the Community Based Instruction Program at Frost Academy. 


Parent Signature:____________________________________________  Date:______________________________