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May 5, 2021
April 2021 Construction Update


No neighbor issues to report. 


Current Progress

Maine East: The fieldhouse is substantially complete.  Punch list of this space is ongoing.  Outside the field house addition, we are wrapping up the site activities.  Asphalt pavement is scheduled over the next 2 weeks.  An occupancy walkthrough has been scheduled for April 22nd.

The Center Court demolition is complete and mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection continues to progress efficiently.  Skylight is now complete and roof patching around the skylight is scheduled for this week.  Wall installation has also made good progress from last month with studs and in wall rough in making way for drywall installation starting next week.

The Link connecting the Center Court is also making good progress with CMU walls starting this week.

After Spring Break we have taken the area adjacent to the Cafeteria offline for construction of the Girls Locker Room.  As of now the demo is complete and masonry walls and MEP overhead are ongoing.

The school was also able to provide us a jump start in Area J where demo is wrapping up and MEP rough in has started.

Maine South:  The Maine Entrance Commons abatement is complete and demolition has made significant strides since last month.  Wall layout is starting and MEP overhead install will commence next week.

The west façade is also starting up over next few weeks with sections of the façade being replaced much like the east façade replacement process.  

The east façade is also recommencing with wall framing starting this week which will be following but brick veneer and window installation.

Maine West:  The fieldhouse addition is substantially complete.  The team is working thru punch list and site activities.  The space is currently being used by students.

The lower-level Rotunda excavation and underground utilities are ongoing this week to get ready to pour the slab back in place over the next few weeks.

A Wing work has also commenced with mechanical and electrical contractors making progress in the unoccupied Crawl Space.

COVID 19 Impacts

Weekly Owner / Architect / Contractor Coordination remains remote via Google Meetings but the District and Wight continue to be present at each campus as needed to resolve issues and monitor the progress of the work.  

Construction Budget

Budget update will be provided after the summer construction phase.  Nothing new to report at this time.

Bid Period No. 3 Design

Bid Period 3 scopes have been identified and mechanical design is currently underway.  Architectural and Theatrical designs will follow this summer.