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August 21, 2020
August 2020 Construction Update


Noise concerns continue to be the only issue at Maine South adjacent to neighbors.  As we wrap up the link addition and storm water detention system on the east side of the campus these concerns will greatly diminish.


Summer Construction

District, PCC and Wight & Co continue the weekly OAC Meeting as well as job site walks at each school.  This time commitment increased dramatically in late July and August due to the Bid Period No. 2 Design Development drawing and estimate review.

Maine East:  Field House addition masonry walls are on going with precast floor planks arriving at end of August.  That will be followed by additional masonry walls and the roof steel install.  Field House remains on schedule. 

The Potter Wing has been completely cleared out and MEP/FP overhead work is ongoing as well as new partitions.  Ironworker are filling in the necessary floor infills along the perimeter of the addition.  The Potter Wing will continue with projected completion of Winter Break. 

Summer Renovations projects have received ROE approval and furniture installation is on going. 

Maine South:  The A Building link addition steel structure is installed, under roof and exterior wall installation is ongoing.  This link will not be in use at start of school and PCC projecting turnover in October. 

The courtyard infill addition steel structure has been erected and is being detailed.  There are specialty foundations that will occur over next few weeks after which the last of the slab on grade in the courtyard can be poured.  The finishes associated with the courtyard are forthcoming in an early bid package Wight is creating over next few weeks. 

In mid July we commenced work on the Food Labs area adjacent to the Dining / Courtyard Area.  This work along with the Courtyard and Link will be on going during the school year as well as the commencement of the east façade replacement.

The western portion of A Building is complete and furniture installation complete.  The 1st portion of the Library has been completed with more work to follow next Summer.  Area K (Teacher’s Work Room) furniture is being installed and punch list activities are wrapping up.  Areas L, M and N are also wrapping up.  As previously indicated Maine South’s summer scope was expansive and this renovation has taken an immense coordination effort by the District to allow as much time as feasible for the construction process.

Maine West: Foundations for the new Field House are complete and precast has erection has been pushed into September due to COVID related delays at the precast manufacturer’s plant.  Schedule for completion of Field House remains achievable despite this delay.

The pool renovations (drains / gutter work) started in July and progressing well.  Completion is anticipated for November 1, 2020. 

Summer Renovations projects in D wing and C wing have received ROE approval and furniture installation is finishing up.  Security vestibule at main entry is also completed with some minor electrical work finishing up. 

COVID 19 Impacts

Weekly Owner / Architect / Contractor Coordination remain remote via Google Meetings but the District and Wight continue to be present at each campus as needed to resolve issue and monitor the progress of the work. 

As noted above we have experienced COVID delays associated with precast fabrication for Maine West.  In addition to the precast we have experience lighting, casework, plumbing sensor delivery delays at all 3 projects over the last month.

A key PCC site supervisor at Maine South contracted COVID in mid July and has been off the project since.  PCC supplemented staff in order to offset the loss of this key personnel. 

Construction Budget

Changes continue to be processed and vetted thru Wight and the District.  We anticipate presentation of an overall Project Budget inclusive of Bid Period No. 1 and Estimate for Bid Period No. 2 at the September meeting.

Bid Period No. 2 Design

Wight and Company have completed the Design Development Package and PCC is wrapping up the estimate currently.

Current Milestone is that we have early BP2 packages starting in late August with majority of work being issued for bid November 1, 2020.