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August 10, 2021
August 2021 Construction Update


  1. Neighbor Relations
  2. Project Summary


No neighbor issues to report.


Current Progress

We are in the final days of our 2021 summer construction program. Like previous summer project unexpected challenges arise which the Teams manage their way thru. Much of our current work is flooring, paint and wrapping up ceiling trim. This is occurring while Wight and Company and their subconsultants perform the punch listing process.

Maine East: The Center Court (Area E) furniture has been installed. There has been a material delay associated with the railings around the 2 story opening as well as the ramps. Temporary rails will be in place and once permanent rails arrive they will be installed on off hours / weekends. In addition there are acoustical panels that will be 2-3 week late. These panels at the upper level of the 2 story opening will also be installed on off hours to not impact District operations.

Area H (Girls Locker Room) epoxy floors are installed. This space will be ready less the lockers that will arrive several weeks after school starts.

Area H (Cafeteria) has seen significant transformation over the last month. From a demoed space to completion. The actual kitchen / servery as planned will be turned over after commencement of school but the cafeteria and surrounding commons area has been completed and furniture is currently being installed.

Area J (Food Labs) appliances are installed, and space is being cleaned and going thru HVAC checkout.

Area F and G have finishes ongoing. Area is complete less some detailing at the Broadcasting and Control Room

Area M (Fieldhouse) painting has been completed. Currently doing testing and balancing on the new HVAC equipment to confirm proper operation. Area is also being final cleaned.

Area L (Athletic Lobby) is wrapping up new plaster at the exterior lights that have been added and the space is being cleaned after floor finishes are complete.

Maine South: South H/ J Areas was turned over to District in early August.

Area L (Library/ Commons) has some millwork pieces that are being installed. Space was turned over to District in early August for furniture installation. There will be millwork panels that will be installed after the start of the school year.

Area H (New Cafeteria) acoustical panels are being installed as is final lighting and shades. Space is currently being punch listed.

Area E (Kitchen) continues to make good progress. Majority of all kitchen equipment installed. Inspections are occurring and District’s Food Service Vendor is starting their move this week.

Area D ceiling grid has started, and tiling has started in the restrooms. This space will be turned over after the start of school as previously anticipated.

Area J (North section) and Nurses area scheduled for completion for start of school. Balance of area will be completed week of 8/16.

A Wing (last middle section) flooring is wrapping up on level 1. Move in process has started from 3rd floor moving down to 1. Punch list process started

The West Facade storefront is wrapping up. Balance of the facade will be tackled next summer. The Security Vestibule thin brick and finishes are ongoing. The wood grain look exterior panels will follow later this fall.

Maine West: Site work adjacent to the new Field House is substantially complete. Currently doing final grading and landscaping.

The Rotunda cut out is complete and the catch deck has been removed. The corridor around the Rotunda at level one is complete as is the flooring tile. Paint and MEP trim are currently wrapping up. In the lower-level work will continue to be on going with walls and MEP overhead work.

A Wing flooring and paint are wrapping up. Space will be punch listed over the next few weeks.

L Wing final finishes and trim are ongoing. PCC started final clean of this space and will be ready for start of school.

D Wing Canopy pavement is complete. Painting is ongoing. The fence and gate system will be installed in September.

D Wing window replacement is complete.

COVID 19 Impacts

Weekly Owner / Architect / Contractor Coordination remain remote via Google Meetings, but the District and Wight continue to be present at each campus as needed to resolve issue and monitor the progress of the work.

PCC has updated our guidelines to adhere to the recently changed CDC guidelines and has reinstated use of masks by all employees to follow the State of Illinois Executive Order.

We have seen an increase in Covid cases last week after several months without a case.

Construction Budget,

Budget update will follow in the September update.

Bid Period No. 3 Design

Bid Period No. 3 Design Development estimate has been completed and is currently being revised to incorporate owner input post review. Once revisions are complete and confirmed with the District a full budget update will be provided for the overall project as well as BP3 and 4.