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September 14, 2022
August 2022 Construction Update


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No neighbor issues to report.  



Current Progress

All 3 schools received the required inspections for faculty and students to return to school.  The District’s staff is doing a tremendous job of cleaning and making spaces ready for students as PCC turns the areas over.

All schools will have punch list work to complete over the next several months.  

All schools will have Owner Training and Commissioning to complete over the next several months.

Maine East:  

The A Building classroom renovations are complete.

The CTE Wing is complete. 

The ABCD Gym is complete and occupied.

The Band Rooms is complete.

Area G Workroom complete.

The Pool Locker Rooms will not be completed for Spring Semester with the pool.

The Pool abatement is completed.  The ceiling and infrastructure have been removed.  Steel joist demo and new steel install commencing in next few weeks.

The Fieldhouse flooring award recommendation provided at August Buildings and Grounds Meeting.  Flooring project if approved scheduled to be completed November 2, 2022.

Maine South:  

Exterior Façade Work is complete.  

Balance of the corridor finishes will be completed with the 2023 summer work.

The exterior chilled water piping replacement work is complete.

The Fieldhouse flooring and striping will be completed by Friday August 19, 2022.

Area C work is completed.

Area E walk-in coolers have been completed and turned over.

Area F – CTE Area is complete.

The Pool area work continues to make good progress and is scheduled to be completed as planned for the end of October.

The pool showers / restrooms are scheduled to be completed at the end of August.


Maine West

Elevator Installation is ongoing.  This work will finish in late September.

The H Wing is complete.

The Kitchen and balance of the cafeteria area are complete.

E Wing has finishes on going with ceiling grid and paint.  Space scheduled to be completed late August.

The Pool Locker Rooms are complete.

The Auditorium work is complete.


Construction Budget

Construction Budget update will be provided in the fall at the completion of our summer renovation projects.


Bid Period No. 4

PCC presenting results from Maine East Fieldhouse Flooring Replacement at August Buildings and Grounds Meeting.