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July 9, 2019
Construction Planning in Full Swing

The District is heavily involved in meetings to discuss the building needs as part of the design process. 

District-Wide Construction Team / Building Construction Teams

The first summer building team meetings were held.  Each school was updated on the current designs.  These designs include all of the renovated spaces in the new locations.  The architects will spend the next several months designing the details on these spaces, taking them from two dimensional to three dimensional.

Weekly Core Group Meeting

This group meets every Thursday and includes Wight, Pepper, the Director of Facilities and the Assistant Superintendent for Business.  This group is working on all the items discussed above, plus technical items such as school modeling, school space field verification, due diligence and deferred maintenance items. Phasing, soil borings and topographical/utility surveys are also the per view of this group.

Model Classrooms

Each of the six new classrooms has selected furniture for the 2019-20 school year.  Pricing for the furniture is currently taking place and the furniture will be ordered shortly.


This group is working on the design milestones.  The biggest milestone will be the schematic design.  Schematic design is simply a design that show the actual space locations, square footages and general concepts.  It does not include all of the small detail elements.  The schematic designs are scheduled to be presented in August.

Cost Estimates

Pepper will be providing a second cost estimate in August. This estimate will begin to shift away from the general cost per square foot estimates. The new estimate will begin to breakdown the different materials and systems based upon the actual design in order to provide a more granular view of the pricing.

Construction Phasing

The Core Group is also working on the construction phasing. Construction phasing is the complicated process of taking the overall project by school and determining what work happens at what time over the next several years.  The team is in the process of developing a detailed phase plan that will be completed in July. Actual Phase 1 construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2020 with the majority of the Phase 1 work occurring over the summer in 2020. The goal of the phasing process is to make the construction process the least disruptive to student and staff while balancing temporary construction costs.

The district shares construction updates on a regular basis so the community can be informed about the work being completed with taxpayer dollars.