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November 10, 2021
Construction Update October 2021

Maine Township Referendum Project

October 2021 Update


  • Neighbor Relations
  • Project Summary


No neighbor issues to report.  


Current Progress

Work continues as planned.  Ongoing activities in the fully occupied schools has been well coordinated by the District to not impact educational function.  Punch list work as well as commissioning of MEP systems are also ongoing and depending on lead time of late / replacement material will most likely not be finalized until Winter Break.

Maine East:  

Area L (Athletics Lobby) has some misc. finishes being wrapped up as well as punch list.

Area H (Girls Locker Room) locker deliveries have continued to be constrained.  The last of the locker shipment arrived this week and installation is wrapping up over next few weeks.

Area H2 (Gymnastics Gym) rough in for new lighting is ongoing as is mechanical demolition to make way for new MEPs.

Area G2 (New Wrestling Room) drywall and paint are complete and finishes should be wrapping up over the next few weeks.

Area A attic work has commenced to prepare for installation of new HVAC equipment.  Getting this attic work prepared helps alleviate compression during the summer months.  Vertical HVAC shafts are also commencing at this time.  Work in the Area A classrooms will not occur until summer.

Maine South:  

Area D Dance Room and Wrestling Room have misc. punch list items being completed.

West Facade Main Entry / Vestibule is continuing with fiber cement panels being installed as well as finishes in the vestibule.

Misc Flooring being completed in corridors and cafeteria area.

Maine West

The Rotunda’s lower level continues to progress well with flooring on going and installation of stair and railings being installed.

B Wing Gym structural steel is on going as well as MEP installation.

D Wing Canopy security gate installation is ongoing.  PCC following up with supplier for missing gate operators.  Gate installation will be completed and if necessary can be left in the open position until the operators arrive. 

COVID 19 Impacts

Weekly Owner / Architect / Contractor Coordination remains remote via Google Meetings, but the District and Wight continue to be present at each campus as needed to resolve issues and monitor the progress of the work.  

Construction Budget

Budget and Phasing updates provided as part of the September meeting.  District identified additional projects that could be considered if savings are realized at completion of Summer 2022.  

Bid Period No. 3 Design

Bid Period 3 Documents will be issued on 10/20 with anticipation of a November BOE approval.