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April 2, 2019
District Discussing Building Needs to Inform Design Process

The district is working diligently to gather input as part of the design process with relation to the major renovation projects that will take place likely beginning next spring at all three school sites.

Input from Educators

The district’s architects met with each building principal to re-confirm the building priorities and to receive any updated ideas. At these meetings, the placement of the various programs within the building was discussed. In some cases, the placements differ from the preliminary placements provided both internally and externally. These changes are being made to better serve students and staff in the schools. Once more detailed information regarding the updated preliminary placements is available, that information will be shared.  The architects also met with district-wide groups from the following areas:

  • Visual Arts
  • Student Services
  • Food Service
  • Library Media Center
  • Special Needs
  • PE/Athletics
  • CTE
  • Technology
  • Safety & Security
  • Science

These meetings focussed on district-wide needs and ideas from the educators. Additional meetings with each individual building department will be held soon.

Model Classrooms

The District met with the teachers who have been utilizing the model classroom furniture this school year. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how the furniture was working and what improvements were needed for next year.  The teachers in these classrooms created short videos to share across the district and with the board of education about their discoveries (both positive and negative) with relation to the furniture.  In addition, the district will be meeting with the teachers who will conduct the additional model classroom furniture (two per school). Funds in capital outlay were set aside for these model classrooms and will help the district make informed decisions about the type of furniture that will be purchased for the permanent classrooms once renovations are completed.

District-wide Construction Team/ Building Construction Teams

Each school has developed a Construction Team that is comprised of some administrators, teachers, building services staff, technology staff, students and support staff. Each of these teams were brought together recently to compromise a District Construction Team. The purpose of bringing them together was to provide them an update on the preliminary construction phasing and timeline. They also provided input on teacher workrooms and input on collaborative instructional spaces. Based on this meeting, Dr. Wallace put together two videos for all staff and a survey was sent to all teachers to ask for input on the priorities for the teacher workroom. 

In addition to these meetings, there are two oversight committees that meet on a consistent basis, including:

Administrative Advisory Group – This group meets twice a month and provides the members with an internal update.  Members are the superintendent, director of communications, director of facilities, assistant superintendent for curriculum and innovation, chief technology officer and the assistant superintendent for business. 

Weekly Core Group Meeting – This group meets every week. Members include Wight (architects), Pepper (construction manager), director of facilities and assistant superintendent for business. This group is working on all the items discussed above, plus technical items such as school modeling, school space field verification, due diligence, soil borings and topographical/utility surveys.