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July 10, 2020
July 2020 Construction Update


  1. Neighbor Relations
  2. Project Summary


There have been minimal impacts/ discussions with the neighbors. Noise concerns continue to be a concern at Maine South adjacent to neighbors. With the amount of work necessary to put in place over this summer many of our trade partners are trying to take advantage of early AM hours. This has been halted due to concerns about neighbor relations. We have encountered no issues at the other schools. We are very cognizant of dust control associated with this latest dry spell to avoid atmospheric disturbances to adjacent property owners.


Summer Construction

Procurement of material remains a priority but is at the tail end with concerns about casework and finish materials. This will be less of an issue on Bid Period No.2 due to the bid date being well in advance of the start of the Phase 2 work. That time was just not available during the Phase 1 process. District, PCC and Wight & Co remain diligent in resolving any schedule critical procurement issues during the weekly OAC Meetings and individual project site walks.

Progress at each school has hit its peak relative to tradespersons on each project. All work areas that are summer critical turn overs are into finishes (paint/ceilings/flooring). Currently have roughly 325 tradespersons working between the 3 facilities which will start to tail off as we near the end of the month.

Maine East: Foundations for the Field House Addition are complete and masonry walls will commence over next week. Demolition in the Potter Wing is nearing complete less a few small items and layout of new partitions has commenced. The balance of the summer critical areas are receiving paint, flooring and ceilings. Above the ceiling major Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection continue to be installed. The concrete p d for the storm water detention system is being poured currently with expectation of received detention system in weeks to come. This area will be a little stressed to be paved prior to commencement of school but weather pending it is achievable. Overall the project continues to move smoothly and currently no expected delays associated with the opening of school in August.

Maine South: Foundations for the link addition are complete and preparations are being made for the slab on grade pour.  The slab on grade for the courtyard infill addition is also complete at this time. Other sidewalks / site improvements are also in progress. Interior finishes continue to be ongoing. Much of the ground faced masonry corridor walls are now being completed as well as areas being painted and receiving ceilings on a daily basis. Flooring is scheduled to start this week which will start moving thru the different renovation areas. Besides the finishes Maine South has seen multiple electrical shutdowns over the last several weekends in order to disconnect the existing electrical infrastructure and connect the new. Coordination with the District on this critical shut-downs has been outstanding. The schedule for completion at Maine South will be very tight but remains achievable.

Maine West: Foundations for the new Field House are ongoing with precast wall panel erection scheduled for late August. The storm detention system was installed this month and has recently been backfilled. Site pavement will take place over the next few weeks. Interior renovations continue with ceilings and paint installation. Flooring started last week and will work its way through the renovated areas. Beyond the finishes the new MEP/FP infrastructure continues to be installed by way of Air Handling Units for heating and cooling on the roof as well as all new water piping in the tunnel / crawl space under the building. This is the type of work the students won’t see but remains a major part of the Referendum Project. Additionally, the ADA Ramp to C Wing has been poured and is awaiting handrails. The pool permit ·arrived and work in the pool commenced directly after including demolition of existing outdated equipment and installation of new. The schedule for completion for Maine West remains achievable with the exception of the pool due to the late permit receipt.

COVID 19 Impacts

Weekly Owner / Architect / Contractor Coordination remain remote via Google Meetings but the District and Wight continue to be present at each campus as needed to resolve issue and monitor the progress of the work.

Temperature Screening remains on going at all 3 schools. All staff and tradespersons continue to adhere to the screening guidelines as well as the CDC guidelines related to Covid 19.

Construction Budget

Changes continue to be processed and vetted thru Wight and the District. Several Drawing Updates/ Issuances are under review relative to cost impact and necessity. Contingencies and Allowances remain healthy.

Bid Period No. 2 Design

Wight and Company have completed the Design Development Package for the balance of the Referendum Project and PCC is in the process of estimating this scope. An estimate review of BP2 Design Development Package is scheduled for the last week of July.

Current Milestone is that we have early BP2 packages starting in late August with majority of work being issued for bid November 1, 2020.