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August 15, 2022
July 2022 Construction Update

July 2022 Update


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No neighbor issues to report.  


Current Progress

All 3 projects continue to make great progress. July is always our busiest month when space convert for rough in conditions to the finished material.  At the pace the projects are moving the change is evident on a daily basis.  

The amount of work being put in place not only taxes the trade partners involved but also District Administrative Team. The number of decisions and existing conditions that continually need to be addressed does not provide for much time to breath during these summer months.

There continues to be a Chicagoland labor dispute that has provided minimum impact to our project. The District executed a Project Labor Agreement at the onset of the project to protect against labor disruptions associated with such disputes.

Maine East:  

The A Building renovation has turned the corner into finishes. The ceiling grid and MEP trim in ceilings has started. Flooring is also starting in this area.

The CTE Wing has made a lot of great progress over the last few weeks. New masonry walls are wrapping up and metal stud framing has been inspected and drywall is commencing.

The ABCD Gym new HVAC install is complete. We are expecting unit start ups in early August. The gym has been painted and will be cleaned out over the next few weeks.

The Band Rooms MEP is substantially complete and grid has started.

Area G Workroom grid installation is ongoing and MEP Trim starting over next few weeks.

The Pool Locker Rooms demo is complete and MEP overhead is ongoing.

The Pool renovation has also started. Scaffolding is complete and demolition and abatement is currently being coordinated.

The Fieldhouse flooring has been demolished and with that came a challenge of the existing condition of the substrate. Prior to bidding due diligence was performed to review options relative to the replacement of the existing floor. After demolition occurred the trade contractor that was part of the due diligence study retracted their view of steps to mitigate the substrate. Thus the team has pivoted to proceeding with the removal of the existing asphalt and replacement with concrete prior to the new field house flooring. This will delay the completion of the fieldhouse with a goal of completion by November 1, 2022.

Maine South:  

Exterior Façade Work is making great progress. Exterior masonry walls are wrapping up this week and balance of the windows are scheduled to start 7/21.  

The exterior chilled water piping is complete and being pressure tested. The pipe has been backfilled and interior connection is on going.

The Fieldhouse gym flooring is scheduled to start 7/18.  Contractor is having labor shortage issues with the amount of summer work.  Painting is also commencing over the next few weeks.

Area C includes the Auxiliary Gym ductwork is substantially complete. Paint touch ups and miscellaneous cleanup over the next few weeks. The Pool drains are being set. Once set, the concrete floor will be poured. The pool locker room plumbing underground has been completed.  Concrete flooring being replaced which will lead to finishes.

Area E – The walk in coolers are substantially complete. MEP connection to be completed prior to start up.

Area F – CTE Area has drywall on going with paint and ceiling grid to follow.

Maine West

C Wing Gym has furniture installation that is ongoing as well as punch list activities.

Elevator Installation at the Rotunda continues. The pit is being completed and elevated concrete beams are being installed. Once concrete is cured, the balance of concrete can be cut out and shaft installation can commence. The elevator installation will most likely continue at commencement of the school year. This area will be temporarily closed off to students for safety prior to staff and students returning.

The H Wing has moved into finishes with ceiling grid, painting, and tile ongoing. Millwork and MEP trim forthcoming over next few weeks.

The Kitchen has walls being tiled and finishes ongoing. Drywall and ACT ceiling work is ongoing. Kitchen Equipment material has been delayed and we are currently tracking alternate suppliers.

E-Wing MEPS are ongoing and ceiling work will commence over the next few weeks.

The Pool Locker Room painting is ongoing as well as ceramic tile work. Locker bases have been set and epoxy flooring will start in the next few weeks.

The Auditorium stage rigging is complete and scaffolding has been removed. New smoke hatches have been installed and above ceiling MEP’s are wrapping up. Ceiling paint as well as floor prep are currently on going.

Construction Budget

Construction Budget update will be provided in the fall at the completion of our summer renovation projects.

Bid Period No. 4

PCC presented BP4 results in March.  Prime Trade Agreements and procurement of this new material is currently underway.