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August 24, 2020
Livestreamed and Recorded Lessons

Dear Families;

As we begin the 2020-2021 school year, we are working together to face new challenges and maximize new opportunities. To maintain students’ educational access while increasing social distancing and reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19, some lessons and classes will be livestreamed and/or recorded. Livestreaming lessons allows students to observe and participate in class remotely. Recording lessons allows students who are not available during the lesson or who require repetition to view the lesson at an alternate time. 

The District will be using Google Meet and Zoom for education for live streaming and recording lessons. We have carefully reviewed our agreement with these providers to ensure that its practices are compliant with FERPA privacy rules, in that it has data encryption and other privacy controls that both protect stored data and prevent disclosure to unauthorized parties. The District is using best practices to promote security and privacy, limiting access to live streamed lessons to students in the class using protections like private meeting links, passwords, and waiting rooms. Recorded lessons are a learning tool available only to students enrolled in the class through Google Classroom which is password protected and will be securely maintained for 30 days. 

During classroom instruction while school is in session, audio and video recordings and photography are not allowed by anyone except district employees without the advance permission from the teacher and prior consent of the students’ parents/guardians. This same standard applies to our remote instruction. Students and parents/guardians must refrain from making audio and/or video recordings of live streamed and recorded lessons and from taking photographs of students participating in such instruction, without the express permission of the teacher or a school administrator. If you receive such recordings or photographs from a source other than the District, delete them and do not post or forward. 

Similarly, visitors to virtual classrooms will be treated like visitors to the regular classroom. Accordingly, members of a student’s household that may incidentally see parts of live streamed or recorded lessons do not implicate the privacy rights of other students. However, because visitors can be a significant distraction, especially during live streamed lessons, any such observation or interaction must be kept to a minimum and must comply with all directives from the teacher and school administrators. A parent/guardian who has the need to observe a lesson or a concern about a lesson should contact the principal.