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April 6, 2022
March 2022 Construction Update


Neighbor Relations
Project Summary


No neighbor issues to report.


Current Progress 

Maine East: The A Building lower level buildout is wrapping up. Scaffolding is being installed on the south side of A Building for access to the existing attic. Once scaffolding is complete temporary openings will be created to load in air handling units. This provides a good head start on the infrastructure associated with this summer’s renovation work.

Punch list activities continue throughout school.

Maine South: Punch list activities continue throughout the school. Spring Break allowed the opportunity to finish the west corridor (south portion). Electrical work continues in the back of house areas.

Maine West: B Wing Finishes continue with the goal of turning over these new spaces during Spring Break of 2022. C Wing Gym work continuing with metal stud wall framing and MEP overhead installation inclusive of sprinklers, new ductwork and electrical infrastructure. Additional exterior improvements with new windows and brick work are also in full swing.

Construction Budget

Budget and Phasing provided during the January B&G meeting.

Bid Period No. 4 Design

PCC presenting Bid Period No. 4 Award Recommendations at 3/21/22 Facilities Meeting. Additional bid period will be required for Maine South Mechanical and misc. scopes of work.