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April 4, 2023
March 2023 Construction Update


No neighbor issues to report.  



Current Progress

All 3 schools are fully occupied with small projects wrapping up at each location.

All schools will have punch list, training, commissioning, and closeout work happening over the next several months.  

Maine East:  

Concrete on the pool bottom and the curb is complete. Light fixtures and the duct sock have been installed and tested. Miscellaneous paint touch ups, pool tile, and relocation of the scoreboard are all ongoing. Installing tile and all pool accessories are to follow the pool bottom tile.

Pool locker room trench drains have been installed with the epoxy and sealed concrete scheduled to begin March 20th. Once flooring is complete permanent toilet partitions and bathroom accessories will be installed.

Because of a supply issue with the pool deck tile, the pool will not be turned over until the start of summer.

Maine South:  

Continuing to work on punch list, closeout, and training items.

Minor work scheduled for over Spring break including layout for work in the PA wing this summer and misc. flooring and punch list items.

Maine West

Continuing to work on punch list and close out items.