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May 10, 2021
May 2021 Construction Update


  1. Neighbor Relations
  2. Project Summary


No neighbor issues to report.


Current Projects

Maine East: Field House is substantially complete as well as parking lot adjacent to addition.

The Center Court (Area E) continues to make good progress. The interior stairs start next week. Drywall installation continues to progress on all floors. Finishes are taking shape around the new skylight which has really changed the space for the better. We will continue to see drywall, ceilings and painting over the next month.

The Link connecting the Center Court continues to make good progress. The roof steel will be installed this week and the exterior brick is ongoing.

Area H (Girls Locker Room) has been demolished and steel and concrete infills are on going.

Area J (Food Labs) demolition has been completed. The existing flooring has been removed and concrete topping will be installed over next few weeks followed by overhead MEP/FP rough in.

Area F & G have also recently started. Steel installation and misc. structural revisions are on going to make way for the new spaces.


  • It was discovered when the ceiling was demolished that the east hallway walls on both sides have concrete masonry unit walls that end before the roof structure. Steel reinforcing beams will be required to support the roof.
  • An existing room that is part of the intermediate stair landing will need to be demolished to provide desired ceiling heights in the new girls locker room.

Maine South: The Maine Entrance Commons has made great progress over the last month. MEP/FP Rough Ins continues and drywall is set to start this week. Masonry Column Wraps and Walls are also ongoing as is plumbing and electrical underground.

The west facade has undergone some exploratory work relative to the existing structure that supports the facade. We project this study will complete in the next 2 weeks after which work will commence.

The east facade masonry walls have made good progress and the storefront / glazing installation will start this week.

Challenges/ Changes

  • The west side concrete as indicated above is being studied to determine how to repair or replace the concrete.

Maine West: The Field House addition is substantially complete with the exception of the site work that has recommenced with underground utility work. Installation of the Permeable pavers, sidewalks, pavement, and final landscaping will start once school is out.

The lower-level Rotunda underground utilities are wrapping up and we will start prepping the subgrade over the next several weeks. Once school is out the 1st floor rotunda will be closed and demolition will start for the renovation and subsequent floor removal to create the opening to the basement.

A and L Wing work has also commenced with mechanical and electrical contractors making progress in the unoccupied areas getting ready for the summer break activities to start.


  • L wing has some existing structural walls and exterior exit that will require some redesign of the Student Services

Overall Construction Challenges

  • Lead times for certain materials have increased significantly. o Steel has a current lead time over 6 months.
  • Certain appliances have significant lead times.

COVID 19 Impacts

Weekly Owner / Architect / Contractor Coordination remains remote via Google Meetings but the District and Wight continue to be present at each campus as needed to resolve issues and monitor the progress of the work.

As more individuals become vaccinated the more emphasis needs to be placed on individuals being diligent with social distancing and wearing their masks on campus.

Construction Budget

Budget update will be provided after the summer construction phase. Nothing new to report at this time.

Bid Period No. 3 Design

Bid Period 3 scopes are under review as is the schedule relative for the Issued for Bid documents. The Team is currently discussing revisions to the timeline and will provide an update at the June Meeting.