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June 13, 2022
May 2022 Construction Update

May 2022 Update

I. Neighbor Relations
II. Project Summary
III. Photos

No neighbor issues to report.

Current Progress

Maine East:
The A Building lower level Technology offices are completed with exception of HVAC systems that will be installed this summer.

Air Handling Units have been hoisted and set in attic of A building and MEP installation in the attic is ongoing. Inclusive of duct work, piping, fire protection and electrical work. Now completed the exterior of the building is being closed back up.

Maine South:
The pool area has been turned over by the school. Some abatement is being wrapped up in the attic while demolition of sections of the pool vessel are underway in order to lower the section of floor in the diving area.

Fieldhouse has also been turned over for flooring and finish replacement.

Maine West:
C Wing Gym finishes are underway with paint and ceilings.

Corridor flooring has been progressing off hours.

Work on the elevator foundations in the Cafeteria Commons continues.

Construction Budget
Budget and Phasing provided during the January B&G meeting.

Bid Period No. 4
PCC presented BP4 results in March. Prime Trade Agreements and procurement of this new material is currently underway.

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