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November 4, 2020
October 2020 Construction Update


We have had a few noise complaints at Maine South during the off hours Building A demolition. Repetitive coaching has helped educate the off hours contractors to keep noise to a minimum during off hours work. The off hours work is currently completed.


Summer Construction 2020

Continue to complete punch list activities, commissioning and close out documents at each school currently.  Progress of ongoing work by school is listed below.

Maine East:  Field House addition precast was set and 2nd floor masonry walls are ongoing.  Once complete the masonry walls will extend up to the roof level which will receive steel joist and decking.  The 1st floor concrete slab is also being poured which will lead to the balance of interior walls at locker room and 1st floor spaces.

The Potter Wing renovation project continues toward a December completion.  Ceiling grid and paint continue on level 1.  Level 3 walls are completed and ceilings to start over the next week.  Level 2 walls are roughly 85% complete which will lead to painting and ceiling installation.

The 1st half of 3rd Floor of Area C started in mid-September and remains on pace for a late October turnover.  Ceiling systems are installed and flooring is currently being installed and waxed.  The 2nd half will start once the 1st half is occupied by the District. 

Maine South:  The A Building link façade continues to progress completion of brick veneer and remaining glazing being installed.  We anticipate a November completion for the link. 

The courtyard infill addition exterior wall framing has started and MEP/FP rough in has started since Board approval of those trade packages at last month’s Board Meeting. 

The Food Labs are currently under construction and scheduled for completion in mid December due to several unforeseen conditions discovered below the existing slab on grade.

The façade replacement on the east side continues as planned.  Walls are complete and masonry is started over next several weeks.  As indicated in last report this façade work will progress in sections.  Once 1 area is complete, another will commence.

Maine West: The precast wall panels for the Field House are complete as is the roof structure.  Roofing Contractor is scheduled to start over the next few weeks as well as preparation for the Field House slab.

The pool renovations continue to progress.  Gutter and drainage work are completed and tile work is currently ongoing.  Completion scheduled for 11/20/20.

2nd floor of C Wing is progressing well.  MEP Rough in continues and ceilings are underway.  We anticipate flooring to start over the next week.  Area is expected to be complete by 11/30/20.

COVID 19 Impacts

Weekly Owner / Architect / Contractor Coordination remain remote via Google Meetings but the District and Wight continue to be present at each campus as needed to resolve issue and monitor the progress of the work.  

Construction Budget

PCC continues to vet changes to the work with Wight and the District.  Overall budget updated provided at last meeting.  Nothing new to report until after the Bid Period No. 2 opening.

Bid Period No. 2 Design

Bid Period No. 2 Design continue with below additional breakdown:

Bid Period 2: All Schools: BOE Approval 12/21/20 (special)

Bid Period 2F: All Schools BP2 Finishes: BOE Approval 01/18/21 (special)

Bid Period 3: BOE Approval May 2021